100+ General Knowledge Questions and Answers

100+ general knowledge questions will make you think and remember the answers you knew before or gain some new information quickly. The questions below refer to Geography, History, Nature, Literature, etc. So, they basically cover any reader preferences. And if you like to convert these questions into engaging quizzes then you can seamlessly use one of the best quiz apps available.

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  1. What is Burkina Faso’s capital city?

a) Laos

b) Kabul

c) Tirana

d) Ouagadougou

Answer: d) Ouagadougou

2. Which one is the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city?

a) Rome

b) Athens

c) Damascus

d) Aleppo

Answer: c) Damascus

3. The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?

a) Sicily

b) Sardinia

c) Cyprus

d) Crete

Answer: a) Sicily

  1. What is Kazakhstan’s capital city?

a) Almaty
b) Shymkent
c) Astana (Nur-Sultan)
d) Atyrau

Answer: c) Astana (Nur-Sultan)

  1. Which is the highest waterfall on Earth?

a) Niagara Falls
b) Victoria Falls
c) Angel Falls
d) Iguazu Falls

Answer: c) Angel Falls

  1. In which place lies the lowest part of the deep sea in all oceans?

a) Mariana Trench
b) Tonga Trench
c) Java Trench
d) Puerto Rico Trench

Answer: a) Mariana Trench

  1. Name Bhutan’s capital.

a) Thimphu
b) Paro
c) Punakha
d) Phuentsholing

Answer: a) Thimphu

  1. What is Uzbekistan’s capital?

a) Samarkand
b) Tashkent
c) Bukhara
d) Andijan

Answer: b) Tashkent

  1. What is Qatar’s capital?

a) Doha
b) Al Wakrah
c) Al Khor
d) Mesaieed

Answer: a) Doha

  1. The country with the largest landlocked area on earth in terms of surface area is what?

a) Mongolia
b) Chad
c) Kazakhstan
d) Niger

Answer: c) Kazakhstan

  1. What is Slovenia’s capital city?

a) Maribor
b) Celje
c) Ljubljana
d) Kranj

Answer: c) Ljubljana

  1. What is the capital city of Iceland?

a) Akureyri
b) Reykjavik
c) Hafnarfjörður
d) Kópavogur

Answer: b) Reykjavik

  1. Which city is the capital of South Africa?

a) Pretoria (administrative)
b) Bloemfontein (judicial)
c) Cape Town (legislative)
d) Johannesburg

Answer: a) Pretoria (administrative), b) Bloemfontein (judicial), c) Cape Town (legislative)

  1. What is the world’s largest reef system?

a) Great Barrier Reef
b) Mesoamerican Reef
c) Red Sea Coral Reef
d) Andros Barrier Reef

Answer: a) Great Barrier Reef

  1. Which one is the earth’s biggest island?

a) Borneo
b) New Guinea
c) Greenland
d) Madagascar

Answer: c) Greenland

  1. Which country has the smallest area in Africa by land mass?

a) Seychelles
b) Comoros
c) São Tomé and Príncipe
d) Djibouti

Answer: a) Seychelles

  1. What is the tallest non-Asian peak on the planet?

a) Kilimanjaro
b) Denali
c) Aconcagua
d) Mount Elbrus

Answer: c) Aconcagua

  1. What nation has the most extensive shoreline globally?

a) Russia
b) Australia
c) Canada
d) Indonesia

Answer: c) Canada

  1. The capital of Mongolia is called…

a) Ulaanbaatar
b) Erdenet
c) Darkhan
d) Choibalsan

Answer: a) Ulaanbaatar

  1. Where can you find Earth’s driest spot on Earth’s surface?

a) Sahara Desert
b) Atacama Desert
c) Namib Desert
d) Gobi Desert

Answer: b) Atacama Desert

  1. What is Africa’s largest lake?

a) Lake Tanganyika
b) Lake Malawi
c) Lake Victoria
d) Lake Chad

Answer: c) Lake Victoria

22. Which river flows through Europe for the longest time?

a) Danube River
b) Volga River
c) Rhine River
d) Loire River

Answer: b) Volga River

23. Which city serves as Maldives’ capital city?

a) Malé
b) Hulhumalé
c) Addu City
d) Fuvahmulah

Answer: a) Malé

24. Which country has been established the first ever in history?

a) Egypt
b) China
c) San Marino
d) Greece

Answer: c) San Marino

25. Where is the most populous city on this planet?

a) New York
b) Shanghai
c) Tokyo
d) Delhi

Answer: c) Tokyo


26. Who became the Nobel Prize female winner as the first-ever nominee among women competitors?

a) Marie Curie
b) Rosalind Franklin
c) Ada Lovelace
d) Lise Meitner

Answer: a) Marie Curie

27. In what year did the first email get sent?

a) 1965
b) 1971
c) 1978
d) 1983

Answer: b) 1971

28. Who was the initial African-American Oscar winner?

a) Sidney Poitier
b) Hattie McDaniel
c) Dorothy Dandridge
d) James Earl Jones

Answer: b) Hattie McDaniel

29. Which ancient civilization constructed Machu Picchu?

a) Maya
b) Aztec
c) Inca
d) Olmec

Answer: c) Inca

30. Who was the first Emperor of China?

a) Qin Shi Huang
b) Han Gaozu
c) Tang Taizong
d) Wu Zetian

Answer: a) Qin Shi Huang

31. Who was the last Tsar of Russia?

a) Alexander II
b) Nicholas II
c) Peter the Great
d) Ivan IV

Answer: b) Nicholas II

32. Who was the first woman Prime Minister of the UK?

a) Margaret Thatcher
b) Theresa May
c) Angela Merkel
d) Golda Meir

Answer: a) Margaret Thatcher

33. Whose discovery is credited with understanding how blood circulates in a body system?

a) Andreas Vesalius
b) William Harvey
c) Marcello Malpighi
d) Hippocrates

Answer: b) William Harvey

34. Whose name is associated with being the initial person to reach the South Pole?

a) Robert Falcon Scott
b) Roald Amundsen
c) Ernest Shackleton
d) James Clark Ross

Answer: b) Roald Amundsen

35. Who became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean?

a) Amelia Earhart
b) Beryl Markham
c) Harriet Quimby
d) Jacqueline Cochran

Answer: a) Amelia Earhart

36. Which country gave women voting rights for the first time?

a) Finland
b) New Zealand
c) United States
d) Switzerland

Answer: b) New Zealand

37. Who became America’s first-ever President?

a) Thomas Jefferson
b) John Adams
c) George Washington
d) James Madison

Answer: c) George Washington

38. What was mankind’s earliest civilization called?

a) Sumerians
b) Egyptians
c) Indus Valley Civilization
d) Mesopotamians

Answer: a) Sumerians

39. The name of Rome’s inaugural emperor was.

a) Julius Caesar
b) Augustus
c) Nero
d) Tiberius

Answer: b) Augustus

40. During World War II, who served as leader of the Soviet Union, USSR Army, and The Party state?

a) Vladimir Lenin
b) Joseph Stalin
c) Leon Trotsky
d) Nikita Khrushchev

Answer: b) Joseph Stalin

41. Name of the man who made his maiden space flight from Earth into outer space in 1961:

a) Yuri Gagarin
b) Alan Shepard
c) John Glenn
d) Neil Armstrong

Answer: a) Yuri Gagarin

42. Which war divided the United States into two factions; North and South?

a) The Civil War
b) The Revolutionary War
c) The War of 1812
d) The Mexican-American War

Answer: a) The Civil War

43. Who held office as Prime Minister of Britain during WW2?

a) Neville Chamberlain
b) Winston Churchill
c) Clement Attlee
d) Stanley Baldwin

Answer: b) Winston Churchill

44. The First Female Nobel Laureate in Literature? (1909).

a) Selma Lagerlöf
b) Pearl S. Buck
c) Gabriela Mistral
d) Doris Lessing

Answer: a) Selma Lagerlöf

45. Prior to Queen Elizabeth II, which British monarch had held that position for the longest period of time?

a) George III
b) Henry VIII
c) Queen Victoria
d) Elizabeth I

Answer: c) Queen Victoria

46. First Human on the Moon.

a) Buzz Aldrin
b) Neil Armstrong
c) Michael Collins
d) Yuri Gagarin

Answer: b) Neil Armstrong

Nature and Science

47. Which blood type is the rarest of all?

a) A Negative
b) B Negative
c) AB Negative
d) O Negative

Answer: c) AB Negative

48. What is the hardest known material on Earth?

a) Diamond
b) Wurtzite boron nitride
c) Lonsdaleite
d) Graphene

Answer: b) Wurtzite boron nitride

49. What is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust?

a) Iron
b) Aluminium
c) Magnesium
d) Silicon

Answer: b) Aluminium

50. What is the smallest planet in our solar system?

a) Pluto
b) Mercury
c) Mars
d) Venus

Answer: b) Mercury

51. What is the main component of natural gas?

a) Methane
b) Ethane
c) Propane
d) Butane

Answer: a) Methane

52. Which element has the highest melting point?

a) Tungsten
b) Carbon
c) Osmium
d) Rhenium

Answer: a) Tungsten

53. What is the most common element in the universe?

a) Helium
b) Oxygen
c) Hydrogen
d) Nitrogen

Answer: c) Hydrogen

54. The scientific name for the human kneecap.

a) Patella
b) Tibia
c) Fibula
d) Femur

Answer: a) Patella

55. Largest species of shark.

a) Great White Shark
b) Hammerhead Shark
c) Whale Shark
d) Megamouth Shark

Answer: c) Whale Shark

56. Chemical symbol for lead.

a) Pb
b) Ld
c) Le
d) Pl

Answer: a) Pb

57. What is the main ingredient in the traditional Japanese dish “natto”

a) Fermented soybeans
b) Seaweed
c) Rice
d) Fish

Answer: a) Fermented soybeans

58. The most common element in earth’s crust.

a) Silicon
b) Iron
c) Oxygen
d) Aluminium

Answer: c) Oxygen

59. What do you call the group of crows?

a) Flock
b) Gaggle
c) Murder
d) Swarm

Answer: c) Murder

60. The largest body organ.

a) Liver
b) Skin
c) Heart
d) Lungs

Answer: b) Skin

61. The longest river in Asia.

a) Yellow River
b) Yangtze River
c) Mekong River
d) Ganges River

Answer: b) Yangtze River

62. Fear of spiders.

a) Arachnophobia
b) Acrophobia
c) Claustrophobia
d) Xenophobia

Answer: a) Arachnophobia

63. Which planet has more moons than any other planet in the solar system?

a) Jupiter
b) Saturn
c) Uranus
d) Neptune

Answer: a) Jupiter

64. The tallest mammal on the Earth.

a) Elephant
b) Giraffe
c) Rhinoceros
d) Hippopotamus

Answer: b) Giraffe

65. A bird known for its elaborate courtship dance.

a) Peacock
b) Albatross
c) Bird of Paradise
d) Crane

Answer: c) Bird of Paradise

66. What type of gas we often breathe in the air?

a) Oxygen
b) Carbon Dioxide
c) Nitrogen
d) Argon

Answer: c) Nitrogen

67. The Red Planet is:

a) Venus
b) Mars
c) Jupiter
d) Saturn

Answer: b) Mars

68. The fastest bird in the world is:

a) Golden Eagle
b) Peregrine Falcon
c) Swift
d) Albatross

Answer: b) Peregrine Falcon


69. The author of “One Hundred Years of Solitude”.

a) Jorge Luis Borges
b) Isabel Allende
c) Gabriel García Márquez
d) Mario Vargas Llosa

Answer: c) Gabriel García Márquez

70. Who wrote “The Brothers Karamazov”?

a) Leo Tolstoy
b) Fyodor Dostoevsky
c) Anton Chekhov
d) Ivan Turgenev

Answer: b) Fyodor Dostoevsky

71. Who wrote “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey”?

a) Sophocles
b) Homer
c) Euripides
d) Virgil

Answer: b) Homer

72. Who is the author of “The Prince”?

a) Thomas Hobbes
b) Niccolò Machiavelli
c) John Locke
d) Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Answer: b) Niccolò Machiavelli

73. Who wrote “Things Fall Apart”?

a) Chinua Achebe
b) Wole Soyinka
c) Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o
d) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Answer: a) Chinua Achebe

74. Which writer authored “The Canterbury Tales”?

a) William Shakespeare
b) Geoffrey Chaucer
c) John Milton
d) Christopher Marlowe

Answer: b) Geoffrey Chaucer

75. Don Quixote was written by:

a) Gabriel García Márquez
b) Mario Vargas Llosa
c) Miguel de Cervantes
d) Jorge Luis Borges

Answer: c) Miguel de Cervantes

76. Author of “The Stranger”.

a) Jean-Paul Sartre
b) Albert Camus
c) Marcel Proust
d) Simone de Beauvoir

Answer: b) Albert Camus

77. Who authored “To the Lighthouse”?

a) Virginia Woolf
b) James Joyce
c) D.H. Lawrence
d) E.M. Forster

Answer: a) Virginia Woolf

78. Who created “War and Peace”?

a) Fyodor Dostoevsky
b) Leo Tolstoy
c) Alexander Pushkin
d) Anton Chekhov

Answer: b) Leo Tolstoy

79. Who is the author of “Pride and Prejudice”?

a) Charlotte Brontë
b) Jane Austen
c) Emily Brontë
d) Mary Shelley

Answer: b) Jane Austen

80. Who was the author of “Moby-Dick”?

a) Mark Twain

b) Herman Melville

c) Nathaniel Hawthorne

d) Edgar Allan Poe

Answer: b) Herman Melville

81. Which character is not in “Pride and Prejudice”?

a) Elizabeth Bennet

b) Mr. Darcy

c) Jane Eyre

d) Lydia Bennet

Answer: c) Jane Eyre

82. In what decade did “The Great Gatsby” take place?

a) 1910s.

b) 1920s.

c) 1930s.

d) 1940s.

Answer: b) 1920s.

83. Who authored “The Catcher in the Rye”?

a) J.D Salinger

b) F. Scott Fitzgerald

c) William Faulkner

d) Ernest Hemingway

Answer: a) J.D Salinger

84. What novel starts with the words, “Call me Ishmael”?

a. The Scarlet Letter

b. Moby Dick

c. Great Expectations

d. Wuthering Heights

Answer: b. Moby Dick

85. 1984 is written by?

a) Aldous Huxley

b) George Orwell

c) Ray Bradbury

d) H.G Wells

Answer: b) George Orwell

86. Which Shakespearean work includes Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as characters?

a) Hamlet

b) Macbeth

c) Othello

d) The Tempest

Answer: a) Hamlet

87. To Kill a Mockingbird takes place in what fictional town?

a) Maycomb

b) Castle Rock

c) Yoknapatawpha

d) Avonlea

Answer: a) Maycomb

88. Brave New World was written by whom?

a) George Orwell

b) Aldous Huxley

c) Ray Bradbury

d) Philip K. Dick

Answer: b) Aldous Huxley

89. Who is the protagonist in The Hobbit?

a) Frodo Baggins

b) Gandalf

c) Bilbo Baggins

d) Aragorn

Answer: c) Bilbo Baggins

Other Questions on Literature

90. What is the first Gothic novel?

a) “Frankenstein”

b) “Dracula”

c) “The Castle of Otranto”

d) “Wuthering Heights”

Answer: c) The Castle of Otranto

91. Who authored “The Picture of Dorian Gray”?

a) Oscar Wilde

b) Charles Dickens

c) Thomas Hardy

d) Henry James

Answer: a) Oscar Wilde

92. Which book does the character Atticus Finch appear in?

a) “The Catcher in the Rye”

b) “To Kill a Mockingbird”

c)”Of Mice and Men”

d)”The Grapes of Wrath”

Answer: b) To Kill a Mockingbird.

93. Who authored “Beloved”?

a) Maya Angelou

b) Alice Walker

c) Toni Morrison

d) Zora Neale Hurston

Answer: c) Toni Morrison.

94. What location is used in “Crime and Punishment”?

a) Paris

b) London

c) St. Petersburg

d) Berlin

Answer: c) St.Petersburg

95. Who wrote “A Farewell to Arms”?

a) F. Scott Fitzgerald

b) William Faulkner

c) John Steinbeck

d) Ernest Hemingway

Answer: d) Ernest Hemingway.

96. Who wrote “The Canterbury Tales”:

a) Geoffrey Chaucer

b) William Langland

c) John Gower

d) Thomas Malory

Answer: a) Geoffrey Chaucer

97. Which novel contains Hester Prynne as its character?

a) “Jane Eyre”

b) “The Scarlet Letter”

c) “Wuthering Heights”

d) “Mansfield Park”.

Answer: b) ” The Scarlet Letter”.

98. Who wrote “The Road”:

a) Cormac McCarthy

b) Don DeLillo

c) Philip Roth

d) Thomas Pynchon

Answer: a) Cormac McCarthy

99. Which novel does the character Holden Caulfield appear in?

a) “Catch-22”

b) “The Great Gatsby”

c) “On the Road”

d) “The Catcher in the Rye”

Answer: d) “The Catcher in the Rye”

100. Who authored “Middlemarch”?

a) Emily Brontë

b) George Eliot

c) Jane Austen

d) Thomas Hardy

Answer: b) George Eliot

101. Who wrote “The Handmaid’s Tale”?

a) Margaret Atwood

b) Doris Lessing

c) Alice Munro

d) Anne Tyler

Answer: a) Margaret Atwood

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