Best AI Video Generators: Woxo VS InVideo Comparison

Today video content has become an inseparable part of different sectors such as advertising, entertainment, and education. The increase in demand for high-quality videos became a prompt for AI-powered video generator platforms’ development. These apps have come up to help simplify and expedite the production process. Woxo and InVideo are a great part of these platforms each with its unique features and capabilities that tend to meet the diverse needs of creators. This comparative article will go into detail about the essential features and advantages of the two AI video generators – Woxo and InVideo, underlining their strong points and suitability for diverse video production requirements.

Why Use AI for Video Generation?

Before comparing the tools, it is important to understand why there has been a significant rise in AI-powered video generation processes in recent years. This is because, AI offers several attractive benefits, such as.

  • Efficiency: By using AI technology to produce video, production time can be significantly reduced resulting in quick cycles of content creation.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Certain sections of video creation are automated by AI which reduces costs associated with employing professional editors or creators.
  • Scalability: AI enables to generate or edit a large number of videos at the same time. This is especially beneficial for content creators who have an extensive stock of video materials.
  • Consistency: AI ensures that all videos are in the same style and quality maintaining brand identity and audience engagement.
  • Innovation: Such features as automated script writing, editing, Search Engine Optimization, and many others make AI-driven tools more advanced thus improving the overall video creation process.

Woxo Key Features


Woxo stands out among other AI video generators for its innovative approach and a full range of functionality aimed at simplifying the video content creation process. Here are some key features that make Woxo a perfect choice for creators:

  • Rapid Video Generation: For creators who need to create or edit a large volume of video content quickly, Woxo is highly beneficial. It can generate ten videos within one minute. This makes it highly efficient as it is also fast in operation.
  • Idea to Video: The Woxo AI video generator extensively works with prompts. You need to just write down your ideas in a few words or paste your desired URL and Woxo’s advanced system will generate a highly relevant video for YouTube or TikTok.
  • AI-Generated Images: Unlike most other AI video generator tools, Woxo designs specific images through AI. This gives a fresh and engaging visual experience to viewers.
  • YouTube Shorts Focus: Woxo targets short videos well optimized for platforms like YouTube Shorts and TikTok.
  • Automated Workflow: Woxo automates the entire video creation process starting from ideation and scripting to editing, Search Engine Optimization, and posting. This automation frees up much time for creators to focus mainly on other points of their blog development.
  • Post-scheduling: You can even schedule videos generated by Woxo to be posted on YouTube so that you do not have to upload or set up a post every time. Besides, this helps you keep your consistent posting which is also very important for an online channel growth and increasing the views.

InVideo Key Features

InVideo AI

Another tool for AI video creation is InVideo. Here you can discover the tool’s video editing features:

  • Template Library: InVideo offers an extensive library of templates for different types of videos. So, users can simply begin with a built-in template when starting their projects.
  • Stock Media Access: InVideo enables access to an extensive library of stock images and videos. This will help you provide visual content quickly for projects that will otherwise take a lot of research time.
  • Customization Options: It provides a big suite of customization options. This allows customers to make their designed videos according to their brand requirements.
  • Long-Form Videos: InVideo focuses mainly on producing long-form videos, such as long YouTube videos, company presentations, etc.
  • Video Prompts: InVideo generates videos with prompts. Writing your video idea in a few words will result in a long-form video creation based on your needs and preferences.
  • Collaboration Options: InVideo provides tools to enable larger teams to work on the same video project. So, this tool highly supports a collaborative workflow.

Woxo Vs InVideo: Comparing The Two AI Video Generators

Now, that we discovered the key features of these AI video generator tools, let’s get to the meat of the subject and draw a comparative analysis between Woxo and InVideo.

AI Video Generation

Woxo uses powerful AI to double down on video creation speed, making 10 videos in less than a minute. It is great for creators who want high-volume content at a rapid pace, particularly for short-form videos on YouTube Shorts or TikTok. 

Unlike Woxo, InVideo focuses mainly on single video creation. It is also good at making long-form videos for YouTube videos, business presentations, and educational materials.

Image Generation

Woxo’s deeply learns the prompt to create unique visuals with AI. So, the AI-generated images add an extra layer of creativity to the video imagery 

InVideo, on the other hand, relies on stock photos and videos when generating videos.

Scheduling and Posting

Woxo ensures consistent posting with its unique feature of video scheduling and posting. 

However, Invideo does not have an integrated scheduling feature. Thus, you would need to manually post a video after creating it.

Automation and Workflow

Woxo offers complete automation from idea generation to script writing, editing, and Search Engine Optimization to video post publishing which saves time and effort for creators.

Although InVideo provides strong editing tools and customization options its level of automation is lower compared to what Woxo offers. This results in more manual work for the content creators.

Collaboration Tools

Woxo emphasizes automation and speed of creation which is best suited for individual creators or small teams interested in efficiency and high video quantity.

Unlike Woxo, InVideo is good at collaborative workflows. This is because it allows multiple people to work on the same project simultaneously. This becomes most effective when used by larger teams or while collaborating on a certain project.

Template Library

Woxo provides built-in themes designed for short-form videos. This guarantees that creators have all the crucial resources for making interesting YouTube Shorts quickly.

InVideo also comes with a vast template library covering various video types. So, creators are able to complete different kinds of projects.

User Interface and Experience

Both platforms offer a user-friendly interface with lots of customization options and video creation tools. Moreover, Woxo comes with an intuitive control with which the platform is highly accessible for those who have less experience in video creation and editing. Simplified workflow and guided features make the learning curve minimal. On the other hand, users should pass a small learning practice to use InVideo.

Platform Optimization

Woxo: Provides some optimizations intended for specific platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. This means that videos made will meet the requirements of individual platforms. This, in turn, ensures high visibility and engagement.

InVideo is mainly focused on general video creation and customization without optimizing for any particular platform. So, this means creators may need to manually change their videos to fit into the required platform.


Woxo offers text-to-speech voices with a human-like style and in various languages accompanied by background music and subtitles. This feature improves video quality and makes it easy to reach audiences worldwide.

InVideo also has a wide range of human-like voiceovers in different languages and accents.


Woxo users can keep track of detailed analytics on video performance. This includes engagement metrics, viewer demographics, and content trends. So, creators are able to adjust their content strategies based on the analytical metrics provided by Woxo.

InVideo also provides comprehensive analytics that enables users to monitor their video performances by tracking various metrics like the number of views, watch time, and audience retention. 


Both platforms offer a free version for video creators. However, we found the free plan of Woxo more beneficial. This is because the Woxo Free plan includes a Woxo Base that allows creators to fully cover the everyday content creation process. Besides, its Free plan includes 50 video credits (10 credits for each video) and video editing options.

While InVideo offers 4 exports and a 10-minute AI generation with the InVideo watermark.

Also, Woxo offers a 25% discount for the “Explorer” plan and a 50% discount for the “Grow” plan:

  • Explorer – $18.75 per month (including premium support, 500 video credits, AI suggestions, Woxo Ultra, etc.)
  • Grow – $25 per month (everything in the Explorer package plus 2000 video credits, video scheduling for YouTube, and additionally, branding features)

While InVideo offers 2 plans at this pricing:

  • Plus per 1 user – $20 monthly (including AI generation (50 mins), iStock (80), 2 voice clones, 100 GB storage)
  • Max per 1 user – $48 monthly (including AI generation (200 mins), iStock (320), 5 voice clones, 400 GB storage)

The prices of InVideo plans differ per user activation.

To Wrap Things Up

In summary, the two AI video generators, Woxo and InVideo have a great suite of AI video generation tools. Woxo stands out from its competitor InVideo in terms of its quickness in automating short video creation through AI-generated images, scheduling, and detailed analytics. This makes it perfect for individual creators and small teams. On the other hand, InVideo comes with an extensive library of templates, customization options, and collaborative tools that suit big teams to create long videos. 

So, it is important to define your video creation objectives when choosing between these two AI video generators.

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