Top 10 Vehicle Tracking Software-  A Complete Guide

Vehicle Tracking Software

One key factor in managing logistical and operational efficiency is using a well-known developer’s best-featured vehicle tracking system. Whether you are an independent contractor or fleet manager, using the best GPS tracking system is part of the business. A well-developed and feature-rich tracking system offers real-time visibility. Fleet managers can easily monitor their vehicle movement, driver, and other operational activities.

Today, more and more logistical companies are investing in tracking systems. This is to ensure smooth shipment. According to research by Markets Research Future, the global GPS tracking device was valued at $22.62 billion in 2023. Moreover, it is set to reach $25.83 billion in 2024 and $65.57 billion by 2032. The primary market drivers for further expansion are the speed at which vehicles are being digitally connected, the requirement to attain increased productivity and profitability at lower costs, and the growth in global logistical businesses. The need for flexible GPS applications has increased. This is because the automotive and telematics industries continue to grow at a rapid pace. 

GPS tracking now offers increased security, convenience, and asset control. It’s not only for recovering misplaced phones or cars. Businesses may manage shipments, fleets, or expensive equipment with the use of GPS tracking. This gives them the precise and effective asset monitoring they need.

If you are running a fleet business that needs regular tracking and efficient working, this article is right for you. We have listed the 10 best vehicle tracking software. You can select and install them for smooth business operation.

What is a Vehicle Tracking System?

Vehicle tracking systems are mainly used by transport businesses to track the whereabouts of trucks, trailers, and other vehicles. Thanks to the software’s GPS connection to the vehicles, companies can view real-time information about their whereabouts.

Each tracking system comes with GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite-based technology that offers global positioning and navigation services. It functions by sending precise signals to GPS receivers on Earth via a constellation of satellites in orbit. These receivers, often known as GPS trackers, interpret the signals to determine the exact location of the device. 

GPS technology reliably determines several factors, including location, speed, direction, and tracking pathways, by analyzing data received from several satellites.

Fleet management systems are capable of more than merely tracking vehicle locations. However, they are commonly confused with vehicle tracking systems. In addition to controlling driving habits and fuel usage, fleet management systems frequently assist with leasing or financing automobiles. 

List of 10 Best Vehicle Tracking Software

When listing the 10 best vehicle tracking software, we must thoroughly evaluate various factors. These include functionality, user experience, scalability, and particular use cases that each GPS tracking software solution addresses. We have covered all aspects while listing the best ones.

1. FleetStack

If you are looking for a next-generation GPS vehicle tracking software with a host of features and used by top logistical companies globally, FleetStack should be your first choice. It is ready-to-deploy software, especially for those who don’t have technical knowledge. With one-touch setup and self-deployment, FleetStack is now the most preferred option for fleet owners. 

Fleet Stack is a user-friendly vehicle tracking software that improves operational efficiencies and guarantees real-time asset monitoring. It is designed for businesses with large car networks. If you don’t hold any coding language, lack skills to install and use tools, or any other aspect, using FleetStack won’t be an issue. It is easily accessible for those fleet owners who don’t want to get into this zone.

Key Features

  • One-Touch Installation: Fleet Stack stands out for having a simple setup procedure that makes it easy for companies to install their GPS software on client servers.
  • Driver Performance Monitoring: Examines driving habits, idle periods, and speed monitoring to enhance efficiency and safety.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Meets company demands by offering a customized user experience through dashboards that emphasize important metrics and insights.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Make data-driven decisions, cut costs, and improve fleet efficiency by utilising features like geofencing, intelligent route optimization, comprehensive reporting, and driver behaviour monitoring.
  • Multi-Platform Support: This feature enables access from anywhere at any time to a variety of platforms, including the Internet and mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Extensive Support and Services: To guarantee your company runs successfully, Fleet Stack provides several support alternatives, including a specialized online forum and expert technical support through a subscription plan.

2. Samsara

Samsara, the best vehicle tracking system having an array of ingenious features is very useful for making important business management decisions. For example, Samsara leverages AI Route Analytics to optimize driving routes and maximize the efficiency of your car’s resources. This is accomplished by letting you determine which jobs should be completed in the least amount of time, calculating stop and departure timings using past data, and then automatically creating an itinerary.

To reduce the likelihood of a vehicle breaking down while you’re on the job, Samsara’s software can also give you real-time vehicle diagnostics. Additionally, you may plan routine maintenance for your cars and receive reminders when it’s time for each service. Over the years, Samsara has helped logistics fleets to run efficiently, reduce accidents, simplify compliance, and good customer service.

Key Features

  • Smart Fleet Management: Samsara delivers an easy-to-use dashboard with a thorough overview of all aspects of your fleet’s operations, including driver performance, vehicle health monitoring, and real-time position tracking.
  • Maintenance Scheduling: Automated maintenance alerts and scheduling help keep vehicles in top shape by extending their lives and preventing downtime.
  • Fuel Management: To lower overall costs, the programme has tools to track fuel usage, spot inefficiencies, and implement cost-cutting measures.
  • Safety and Security: By monitoring and alerting people to unsafe behaviors or unauthorized usage of vehicles, enhanced security measures, such as geofencing and speed alerts, help protect assets and ensure driver safety.

3. Teletrac Navman

One of the best vehicle tracking software tools for efficient driver management, Teletrac Navman offers a great source of safety and seamless fleet management. As activities grow, managing the staff becomes more difficult. Its driver management functions, such as work dispatch and routing, driver fitness declaration, and schedule progress, will, therefore, benefit your fleet business.

The system comes with a built-in messaging tool for fleet-wide messaging, recurring alerts, job progress updates, and document sharing. This will be easier for many firms than having to keep in touch with their drivers over the phone.

Another benefit of Teletrac Navman is that it offers the most comprehensive summary of driver status and activity, making it one of the finest ELD (electronic logging device) providers.

Key Features

  • Custom Geofencing: Under observation, users can erect virtual walls, or “geofences,” around their fleets. When a device enters or exits these designated zones, the system sends out warnings, which enable effective tracking of mobility and utilization.
  • Detailed Reporting: Extensive reporting options enable users to generate logs and analytics detailing the routes, stops, speeds, and other attributes of their vehicles in detail. These insights have the potential to increase output and simplify procedures.
  • Mobile Access: The tool is designed to connect easily with drivers using the mobile. The user can stay in contact from any location.

4. GpsGate

This vehicle tracking software, GpsGate is the leading company offering tool having all the features of fleet management and GPS. The cutting-edge technology, which includes real-time tracking, reporting, and alerting functions, lets organizations monitor and manage their mobile assets effectively. 

Designed to satisfy the needs of many industries, GpsGate’s scalable solution is compatible with a wide range of GPS tracking devices. GpsGate is always pushing the limits of GPS technology for businesses worldwide, with a focus on enhancing customer satisfaction, safety, and operational effectiveness.

Key Features

  • Adaptable Integrations: Provides a large selection of pre-configured interfaces with various devices and services.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Offers in-depth reports on maintenance, fuel use, and asset usage.
  • Event Rules and Alerts: Users can set up rules that automate processes and send out notifications based on GPS data.

5. Rastrac

Rastrac offers a wide range of services in addition to the ability to develop original solutions. You can track and view the current location of your vehicles right from your mobile smartphone. Moreover, you can decide to respond right away after observing what’s happening in your fleet. 

You may monitor the condition of your fleet by collecting information on non-reporting devices. The best part of this vehicle tracking system is it is usable with almost any third-party system. Rastrac may save you money, energy, time, and resources by integrating its hardware and software into your existing systems with ease.

Key Features

  • Customized Alerts: Users can register to get alerts for specific scenarios, such as deviating from a path or entering a forbidden area, to increase security and compliance.
  • Geofencing: Using this system, you will get enhanced asset tracking through the creation of geographic limits.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The program’s user-friendly design facilitates effective operation by making it easy to access important functions and data.

6. Azuga

Popular and the best vehicle tracking system, Azuga Fleet, monitors, evaluates, and offers rewards to drivers. Azuga takes great satisfaction in prioritizing the safety of its users. It makes the case that fleet management software ought to be affordable, straightforward to set up and use, and shouldn’t give drivers the impression that Big Brother is watching them. Additionally, it captures data to increase drivers’ productivity and safety at work.

Another interesting feature is that it provides cost reports that outline your fleet’s areas of highest expenditure as well as suggestions for cost reduction. By rewarding safe driving, you can monitor your employees’ driving behavior via driver management. Since the tool is compatible with all ranges of fleets, it makes logistical work seamless.

Key Features

  • User Friendly– Azuga is a user-friendly tool that can be used by all types of fleet drivers and owners. It helps in keeping track of drivers and improves safety.
  • Money Saving- This tracking tool comes at a low price tag and offers more functions with one touch.

7. GoMotive

GoMotive is a specialized GPS vehicle tracking software that aims to improve driver behaviour, vehicle safety, and maintenance to revolutionize the automobile industry. It makes use of state-of-the-art GPS technology to provide a full range of capabilities that meet the demands of fleet managers, car dealers, and owners of vehicles. 

Gomotive is committed to enhancing vehicle longevity and ensuring driver and passenger safety by offering proactive solutions and real-time insights. According to the makers, installing GoMotive can bring 48% less time tracking, 21% less time spent on planning, and 70% increase in asset utilization.

Key Features

  • Vehicle Diagnostics: GoMotive has sophisticated diagnostic tools that let customers keep an eye on the condition and functionality of their cars in real time.
  • Maintenance Reminders: To keep vehicles in top condition, the software promptly reminds users when planned maintenance needs to be done.
  • Theft Protection: GoMotive offers an extra degree of protection with its advanced monitoring technology, which includes features like real-time car location tracking and fast notifications in the event of unauthorized vehicle movement.
  • Diver Behaviour Analysis: GoMotive does driver behaviour analysis to find dangerous driving habits like speeding, hard braking, and abrupt accelerations.
  • Track your Asset: With plug-and-play, easily installable GPS fleet tracking devices for cars, Azuga prioritizes your team. Detailed data is available with our GPS fleet management software to monitor your most important assets of all kinds.

8. TrackMe

TrackMe is the best vehicle tracking software that allows businesses and individuals to track their assets with previously unheard-of efficiency and convenience. The TrackMe App allows you to track your entire fleet of vehicles in real-time. The TrackMe App has all the features you need for asset tracking. Monitor multiple devices simultaneously on a single screen, and magnify each to see its details. TrackMe records everything you own in real-time online, including vehicles, people, and pets.

The purpose of TrackMe is to improve business operations by cleverly combining location technology, data, and services. With features that support complete supply chains and logistical processes, from fleet management to delivery tracking, TrackMe helps businesses cut costs, find bottlenecks, spot activity inconsistencies, and eliminate inefficiencies.

Key Features

  • Generates Extensive Reports: Provides statistics on mileage, idle time, stoppage, and other things to facilitate data-driven decision-making.
  • Robust and Water-resistant Design: This characteristic renders the GPS devices impervious to harm and ideal for monitoring in any environment.
  • Good Battery Life: Long battery life and clever power management capabilities enable continuous tracking without the need for frequent recharging of the device.

9. SambaSafety

SambaSafety offers a comprehensive tracking feature for both regulated and non-regulated fleet operations. Users will get exclusive access to telematics, MVR, and CSA features. The tool is easy to download and use with just a few clicks. Fleet operators using SambaSafety witnessed a 14% reduction in crashes and 32% reduction in monthly violations. 

Using the tool, you will get a 360-degree, almost real-time picture of your fleet’s daily activities to help you maximize every working day, cut expenses, boost productivity, and keep an eye on vehicle upkeep.

Key Features

  • Custom Geofencing: Users can put up virtual barriers, or “geofences,” around cars or assets under observation. Effective mobility and utilization tracking is made possible by the system’s alerts that are sent out whenever a device enters or leaves these designated zones.
  • Detailed Reporting: SambaSafety offers extensive reporting features that let customers create logs and analytics in detail on the routes, stops, speeds, and other characteristics of their vehicles. These observations can improve productivity and streamline processes.
  • User Management: With the system’s powerful user management tools, administrators may control accounts, provide rights, and tailor user interfaces to specific roles and requirements within the organization.

10. TrackMyRide

TrackMyRide is a GPS vehicle tracking system that is easy to use focuses on the safety of the drivers and helps in business efficiency. Its all-around user-friendly design, coupled with its extensive monitoring and security features, make it the perfect option for anyone wishing to keep an eye on and safeguard their cars. 

With real-time tracking and warnings, TrackMyRide software from Australia provides peace of mind for individual automobiles, motorbikes, and family fleets. It is more than just the GPS tracking having smart features for enhanced security.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking: With TrackMyRide, users can always keep an eye on the whereabouts of their vehicles, receiving precise positioning and rapid updates. This tool is incredibly helpful for tracking down stolen automobiles and preventing theft in the first place.
  • Route History: To keep track of usage, double-check travel routes, and gain insight into driving patterns, users can examine their vehicle’s route history. This historical data might be useful in several situations, such as travel route optimization and dispute resolution.
  • Motion Tracking: The system provides insights into asset utilization and operational dynamics by identifying the moving and stationary states of linked devices.

What to Consider when Choosing a Vehicle Tracking System?

When it comes to investing in vehicle tracking software, making the right choice is crucial. When making your decision, take the mentioned factors into consideration. Some of these are-

Tracking in Real Time

The program you choose should offer real-time data. For instance, it enables users to see their vehicles’ precise current location on a map, as opposed to their historical whereabouts, in real time.

Easy-to-Use Interface

An interface that is easy to use is particularly crucial since users at different levels of an organization—from managers to drivers—may need access to the system.

Customized Alerts

Users can program the software with customizable alerts to guarantee timely notifications for specific events. Whether the vehicle is over-speeding or no update from the driver for a long time, all these are accessible. Data Quality

The GPS software’s capacity to deliver precise, helpful, and understandable information is significantly impacted by the quality of the data. Think about how important it is to have exact location data, clearly understandable trip history, and interpretable reports and analytics.


Software’s scalability refers to its ability to adapt to changes in your business, whether they are small or large. The software should effectively manage more vehicles, for instance, if you start with a small fleet and then see expansion.

Integration Capabilities

Integration capabilities are when the software can easily connect and work together with other systems that your business uses. For example, the GPS tracking software ought to be able to interface with any existing scheduling, payroll, or customer management software you may be using. Your operations will run more smoothly and efficiently overall thanks to this integration.

Data Analysis

The program can save and examine previous data. This contains details about the routes your cars take, how long each trip takes, and how much fuel you use. These insightful observations support problem identification, fleet optimization, trend identification, and effective planning.


GPS fleet tracking systems are an invaluable resource for small businesses that run fleets to different places, providing a host of advantages like increased productivity, increased security, improved client relations, and cost savings. 

Having fleet tracking software on hand relieves a lot of the stress that life can throw at you. The manager, who is seated in an office chair, observes the driver texting while he drives, veering off course, and determining the precise cause of the consignment delivery delay.

Selecting the best vehicle tracking software for your company can be accomplished by comprehending your requirements and weighing your possibilities.

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