Best Lead Generation Software and Apps in 2024

Today almost any business and company needs an organized and converting lead list to be settled in the competitive market. So, the lead generation software and apps demand is increasingly rising every single day. However, with the large number of tools available, it becomes more and more difficult to make the right choice. So, prioritizing the importance of qualified lead generation and their transformation into loyal customers for your business, we have pointed out the 5 best lead generation software and apps for 2024.

1. Zendesk

Best Lead Generation Software and Apps - Zendesk

Zendesk revolutionizes sales processes by being strictly developed to better your team’s performance and increase the company’s revenue. What makes Zendesk stand out from other lead generation software is its wide array of features mentioned below.

Key Features

  • Boosted Team Productivity: Zendesk provides one of the biggest packages of tools that help to simplify job routines and direct the employees’ attention to the fulfillment of a task rather than dealing with various details of the sales process. This completely inclusive system consists of full contact management, along with activity tracking and lead generation processes that will strongly affect the sales process.
  • Enhanced Customer Experiences: Using Zendesk, users have everything they need to keep track of the customer journey in their sights. Thus, they can also link sales and service information. Integrating reps with cutting-edge technologies allows them to build long-term relationships with customers and maintain customer loyalty. This, in turn, boosts customer engagement.
  • Full Pipeline Visibility: The thorough reporting and analytics functions provided by Zendesk help to do effective planning and supervision of not only current but also future needs which are more dynamic. The tool eliminates uncertainties in planning, tracking, lead generation, and analyzing the sales processes in a time-bound manner.


Zendesk offers a free trial period to get more familiar with its advanced functionalities. However, if you want to use the tool to plan long-term sales strategies and smooth lead generation processes then you need to activate one of Zendesk’s paid plans at this pricing:

  • Sell Team – $19 per month
  • Sell Growth – $55 per month
  • Sell Professional – $115 per month

2. Kanbox

Kanbox LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool

Next on the list of the best lead generation software apps is Kanbox. It is an all-in-one system: from automated lead generation campaigns to seamless communication within LinkedIn Inbox, Kanbox has you covered. The app enables businesses to import leads from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, find professional emails, and refine and segment lists. These lists can then be integrated into automated prospecting campaigns, triggering profile visits, messages, and follow-ups. You can monitor each campaign through automated CRM Pipelines. A smart inbox allows you to manage your LinkedIn network with filters and labels and communicate in a distraction-free, full-screen chat.

Are you ready for this one? You have no limits or quotas with Kanbox. However, since LinkedIn has some restrictions, Kanbox advises a maximum of 2500 and 80 daily exports on Sales Navigator and LinkedIn, respectively, to protect your accounts.

Key Features  

  • Lead export: With Kanbox, you can retrieve up to 75,000 leads per month from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn profile URLs, event attendees, and post contributors. Get cleaned and duplicate-free data.
  • Lead Manager: Refilter and segment your lead lists with advanced filters, detect irrelevant leads, and export them to a CSV file or add them to automated lead gen campaigns.
  • Email Finder: Find leads’ professional and verified email addresses, 100% GDPR-compliant.
  • Automated Campaigns: Trigger automatic profile visits, connection requests, and messages effortlessly. Personalize messages with templates and variables. Conduct A/B testing, measure, and improve. Follow your campaigns in real-time with automated CRM Pipelines, automatically moving your leads from column to column.
  • CRM Pipelines: Kanbox incorporates CRM Pipelines for sales and recruitment, allowing you to visualize every stage of your acquisition processes.
  • Network Manager & Inbox: Manage your LinkedIn network with filters and labels in a Smart Inbox. Execute bulk actions seamlessly, including messages, connection requests, and more. Enjoy a distraction-free, full-screen chat with key member information, note-taking, and quick actions.


Kanbox has developed flexible payment options, keeping businesses with different needs in mind. It offers three paid plans – “Connect”(€25/month), “Scrape” (€40/month), and “Fusion” (€80/month). You can also subscribe for more affordable yearly plans. In this case, the “Connect” plan costs €15, “Scrape” costs €40, and the “Fusion” plan costs €80. The “Connect” plan is the best choice for those seeking to nurture and grow their network and access CRM pipelines. The “Scrape” comes with additional features, such as unlimited scraping,  a Lead manager with advanced filters, and CSV exports. “Fusion” brings the other two plans together + LinkedIn automation campaigns, being the ideal choice for those wanting everything in just one place. 

3. HubSpot

Hubspot App

If you are looking for an advanced yet budget-friendly platform that will help your business seriously grow its traffic, leads, and conversions, then HubSpot’s free marketing solutions are a great option. With HubSpot, you can build an interactive dialogue between your brand and clients using helpful campaigns that not only generate leads but also turn them into converting loyal customers.

Key Features

  • Generate New Leads: You can effortlessly create dedicated pages, online forms, and ads to attract new leads for your business.
  • Organized Contact Management: With HubSpot, you will save time through the organized contact list handled by this platform.
  • Powerful Reporting Dashboards: You are able to evaluate your results and deliver large-scale reports to validate your achieved progress by using the generated data dashboard.
  • End-to-End Customer Experience: To achieve the ultimate results of creating unrivaled experiences for your customers and leads, HubSpot enables you to put up all marketing activities in a single platform and take control of all functions with ease.
  • Seamless Educational Resources: Tap into the impressive offerings of the HubSpot Academy and perfect your lead generation skills while developing your marketing prowess.
  • Conversion Analysis: Through the built-in analytics you can maximize information about the generated leads behavior. This, in turn, will increase the conversion rate of your campaigns.


One of the greatest advantages that HubSpot offers is a free set of marketing tools that combines a user-friendly simple interface and seamless lead generation capabilities to make sure you are able to achieve your objective without wasting money. However, it also provides paid versions for larger projects and bigger companies and staff at this pricing:

  • Professional – $800 per month
  • Enterprise – $3600 per month

4. Zoho

Zoho App

Zoho allows businesses to quickly gain leads and boost business conversions. The platform provides a solid number of functions for real-time connectivity, and day-to-day CRM activities that seamlessly ease communication and service tasks performed simultaneously without any errors.

With over 250K customers worldwide, Zoho CRM Community achieves a great performance in lead conversion rate, productivity per salesperson, customer retention, and sale time.

Key Features

  • Priorities for Conversions: Zoho helps business owners establish and maintain a large number of qualified leads primarily among those who will potentially become paying loyal customers.
  • Enhanced Sales Funnel Visibility: Better decision-making comes from clear insights on any sales funnel or pipeline that you track.
  • Efficient Lead Tracking: You can use Zoho CRM’s user-friendly dashboard and analytics to define what pages of the website or leads have visitors in an automated way.
  • Smart Lead Scoring and Qualification: Zoho helps to define segments rather than specific accounts. With this lead generation tool, you can use various targeting pinpoints, such as location and accessibility level.
  • Optimized Lead Assignment: You are able to distribute leads to the most competent reps based on the criteria and customer preferences identified before the call.
  • Seamless Deal Closing: Using Zoho helps you to identify the invoices inside CRM. So, the stage names get switched and the deals get marked as closed effortlessly.
  • Comprehensive Record Management: The platform allows users to write down additional comments, definitions, or even documents into CRM records for the most detailed information.
  • 3rd Party Integrations: Zoho seamlessly integrates with Shopify, Google Workspace, Slack, Mailchimp, etc.


Zoho provides a 15-day free trial to get acquainted with its advanced features. After that period, you need to activate one of its paid plans to continue using this lead generation app.

  • Standard – $14 per month
  • Professional – $23 per month
  • Enterprise – $40 per month
  • Ultimate – $52 per month

5. OptinMonster

OptinMonster Lead Generation Software

With OptinMonster, you can leverage your website visitors’ potential to increase conversions, thus utilizing an advanced conversion optimization toolkit. Here are the key features that make OptinMonster a unique lead generation tool in 2024.

Key Features

  • Lightbox Popups: OptinMonster provides engaging shop windows resulting in direct attention to your newsletter or your website content in general.
  • Floating Bars: Using this option, you can seamlessly implement CTAs leveraging them as an excellent possibility for capturing leads.
  • Scroll Boxes: These forms help to transform window shoppers into brand enthusiasts.
  • Gamified Spin-a-Wheel Campaigns: You can make it fun to generate leads by giving out prizes for spinning a wheel campaign. 
  • Page Level Targeting: Target personalized custom offers for designated pages. This aims to maximize lead collection through appealing capability to visitors on specific topics.
  • Exit Intent Technology: Protect the lead lost by promptly detecting when visitors prepare to leave. This will help you to show them the special messages or discounts to encourage visitors to convert.
  • Geolocation Targeting: You are able to develop a process for selecting specific types of leads based on their location.
  • 100+ Premade Templates


You can enjoy the above-mentioned options at an affordable price by activating one of the OptinMonster app’s paid plans:

  • Basic – $16
  • Plus – $32
  • Pro – $29
  • Growth – $49

To Wrap Things Up…

As the markets are getting more competitive all around the world, a big contribution to lead generation campaigns can no longer be underestimated. It is the foundation of business growth from which a company gets ideas, weighs them up, and transforms them into customers efficiently.

The benefits of lead generation software and apps are not only the behavior analytics but also the automated outreach. This helps business owners contact their potential audience effectively. Thus, the tools included in this article will be your best aid to attract more potential clients to your brand and increase your traffic.

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