5 Best Shopify Loyalty Apps in 2024

I am sure that you are familiar with Shopify, and of course, you have heard about Loyalty Apps. Loyalty Apps are a great way to boost your sales and increase customer satisfaction. They make your visitors become repeat customers.

It is possible to find loyalty programs for almost each ecommerce brand. With the help of these apps, you give rewards or points to your clients hoping that they will come back and shop more.

If you are just starting your Shopify store it is very essential to have a good strategy and loyalty apps are there to help you! With the right loyalty apps, you will reward your customers for repeat purchases and they will definitely come for more. This will increase your customer engagement and of course, boost your sales! So you will also attract new customers!

So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the 5 Top Best Shopify Loyalty Apps to boost your sales!

 1. Froonze Loyalty Program

An animation of Froonze Loyalty Program

Meet Froonze Loyalty Program – your ticket to effortlessly building loyalty in 2024. This user-friendly app will let you create and manage a rewards system that turns one-time shoppers into repeat customers. Customers earn points for completing purchases and other activities like creating accounts, celebrating birthdays, or leaving reviews. They can cash in these points and redeem them for discounts and other cool rewards.

Stay in the loop with how your Loyalty Program is doing and shoot your customer’s emails to keep them engaged. Froonze isn’t just easy to set up, it works with tons of Shopify themes, installs quickly, lets you tweak things to match your style, and embeds perfectly in Froonze’s flagship feature: the Customer Portal. In just a few minutes, set up your rules, customize texts, and pop the site widget using the Shopify editor. 

What sets Froonze apart is its merchant-friendly pricing. A 14-day free trial and a Base Plan that’s free for shops with up to 1000 customers make it an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes. The flexible plugin system allows you to subscribe only to the features you need and save money in standalone apps with similar functions: Social Login, Wishlist, and Custom Forms. For example, the Loyalty plugin is only $1/month for shops with up to 100 orders.

Key Features of the Froonze Loyalty Program

  • Easy Set Up and Installation

The widget is installed by just toggling on the App Embed. Setting up the earning and spending rules in the settings takes only minutes.

  • Clear Customer-Facing Widget

The widget provides a clear interface divided into four sections to drive the best customer experience. 

  • Merchant-Friendly Pricing

Tailored for businesses of all sizes, Froonze’s Loyalty plugin starts at just $1 per month for shops with up to 100 orders. It’s ideal for businesses that are just starting. 

  • Customizable Earning and Spending Rules 

Tailor earning and spending rules to suit your specific needs. You can set up the points and amounts and the coupon support combinations the same as in Shopify.

  • Shopify Flow Integration

The integration with Shopify Flow allows you to create simple or conditional workflows to reward your customers with loyalty points for a variety of actions. You can also create spend workflows to remove loyalty points. Options are many.

  • Multilingual Support 

All customer-front text is translatable and customizable. Break language barriers with Froonze’s multilingual support, ensuring a global reach and connection with customers worldwide. 

  • Email Notifications and Activity Log

Stay informed and in control of the program with the activity log. Keep your customers engaged with automatic notifications about their activities in your shop.

Froonze is not just an app, it’s your partner in crafting a personalized and effective loyalty strategy that resonates with both you and your customers. Drive the best customer experience and boost loyalty with Froonze in 2024.


Customer Accounts Concierge includes a 14-day free trial so you can try the Loyalty Program and see some initial success.

Besides, Froonze Base Plan is free for shops with up to 1000 customers, with features like order history, addresses, profiles, the account page widget, and multilingual support. The Base Plan already improves a lot the usability and look of your account page.

Other functionalities are included as plugins that you can optionally subscribe to, with flat monthly fees. Such as Social Login, Wishlist, Custom Forms, App Integrations, or the Loyalty Program itself.

Base Plan pricing:

  • 0-1000 customers: Free/ – Tailor-made for smaller shops with up to 1000 customers
  • 1-5000 customers: 5$ month/ – Specifically designed for shops handling up to 5000 customers. 
  • 5-20000 customers: 15$ month/ – Ideal for expanding businesses with up to 20.000 customers. 
  • 20-100.000 customers: 25$ month/ – Thoughtfully crafted to cater to larger enterprises with up to 100.000 customers. 

2. Eber.co

An animation of Eber Loyalty Program

The Next Loyalty App that we are going to introduce to you is Eber. With the help of Eber’s, you can level up your loyalty strategy, build long-term customer relationships and of course give a life to your brand! Excitedly, You will turn your customers into repeat clients. 

Key Features of Eber 

  • Multi-tier with Automated Upgrade

Multi-tier: This refers to a loyalty program structure that has multiple levels or tiers. Customers can progress through these tiers based on their level of engagement, spending, or other predefined criteria.

Automated Upgrade: In the context of a loyalty program, this feature means that customers can move up the tiers automatically without manual intervention. The system is designed to recognize when a customer meets the criteria for the next tier and upgrades their status without requiring any manual action.

  • Customer Portal

 A Customer Portal is an online platform or interface that allows customers to access and manage various aspects of their loyalty program account. It serves as a centralized hub where customers can view their points, rewards, transaction history, and other relevant information.

  • Campaign Messaging:

Campaign Messaging involves the communication strategies and tools used by businesses to interact with their customers within the loyalty program. This feature enables small businesses to create and send targeted messages or campaigns to specific segments of their loyalty program members. 

Pricing Plans

Here are the pricing plans for Eber:

  • Lite Plan: 69$ per month
  • Standard Plan: 299$ per month
  • Scale Plan: 999$ per month
  • Enterprise: 3500$ per month

3. Poket Loyalty Program

An animation of Poket Loyalty Program

It is time to speak about the next Loyalty program which is Poket Loyalty Program. With the help of this program, you can attract, retain, and engage your customers easily. It has various integrations like Shopify, Woocommerce, Stripe, PayPal, PayNow, etc. 

Key Features of Poket Loyalty Program

  • Member Management: Pocket takes care of your member account from updates to expiry reminders automatically. 
  • Loyalty Program Management: You can choose your preferred loyalty program type such as Package program, check-in program, Points program, Package program, Paid Membership program etc. 
  • Rewards Management: You can easily determine the reward based on a month or a specific date. 

Pricing Plans

Here are the pricing plans for Poket Loyalty Program:

  • Strong: 49$ per month
  • Mighty: 79$ per month
  • Supreme: 99$ per month
  • Enterprise: You will need to contact their sales from where you will get your necessary information!

4. Rise.ai

An animation of Rise.AI loyalty Program

Let’s go ahead because we have here one of the best Loyalty Programs: Rise.ai. With the help of this loyalty program, you will be able to elevate your customer retention, boost your sales, and of course get repeat purchases. Don’t miss out on the chance to get this awesome program and enjoy your purchase boom!

Key Features of Rise.ai

  • Store Credit Loyalty Program: You will be able to set up a rule to increase the average cart value, it will be easier to get customers with rewards and repeat purchases. 
  • Various Integrations: This Loyalty program has various integrations like with Shopify, Square, Loop, Open AI, Wix, Recharge etc. 
  • Launching Loyalty Workflows: Rise is ready to gain tools to collect VIP tiers, first-time customers, new accounts, user-generated content etc. 

Pricing Plans

Let’s learn more about Rise.ai’s pricing plans! Here are they:

  • Starter Plan: 19.99$ per month
  • Small Business Plan: 59.99$ per month
  • Pro Plan: 199.99$ per month
  • Premium Plan: 599.99$ per month

5. Growave

An animation of Growave Loyalty Program

It’s time for Growave! The next Loyalty Program! This is an all-in-one marketing platform with the help of which you can attract new customers and also build strong relationships with your potential clients. This Rewards and Loyalty App will attract with its discounts and offers. 

Key Features of Growave

  • Loyalty Points: You will be able to give points to your customers for purchases and interactions. 
  • Referral Program: Just encourage your customers to refer their friends and of course, you will save on ad spend. 
  • VIP Tiers: You will be able to gratify your customers with VIP status. 
  • L & R Marketing: You will be able to automate your email marketing campaigns, nudges, etc.

Pricing Plans

Here are the pricing plans of Growave!

  • Medium: 49$ per month
  • Growth: 149$ per month
  • Premium: 349$ per month


There you have it! Top 5 Best Shopify Loyalty Apps for you to use! Don’t miss out on the chance to try out this loyalty program to attract more customers and boost your sales.

 This will increase your customer engagement and of course, boost your sales! So you will also attract new customers!  Don’t hesitate, choose one that fits your brand and start earning more and more. 

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