How to Improve Email Marketing with an Email Verification Tool

Email marketing continues to be a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience, generate leads, and drive conversions. But for the success of your campaigns, you need to maintain a healthy and engaged email. I have done my research to find the most reliable, price-efficient, and effective solution. 

That’s when I found the Reoon Email Verifier tool. To find the best tool I looked through several aspects. A comprehensive email verification tool that ensures your email list is accurate, up-to-date, and free of invalid or risky email addresses.
In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of the Reoon Email Verification Tool. As well as how it can significantly improve your email marketing efforts.

Why is Email Verification important for your campaigns?

Before diving into the details of Reoon Email Verifier, let’s understand why email verification is so important for businesses. Building a quality email list is essential for effective email marketing. Invalid or outdated email addresses can result in bounced emails, damaging your sender’s reputation and affecting deliverability. And besides, who wanted to spend so much of her/his valuable time to come up with a campaign that can lead to great success, only to end up with a bunch of emails sent wrong accounts and unverified emails?

If you don’t check it, there are only two ways. You either land in spam or you get the message “recipient doesn’t exist”․ 

Email verification helps you maintain a clean and engaged email list. It identifies and removes invalid, inactive, or high-risk email addresses. By utilizing an advanced email verification tool like Reoon, you can ensure that your messages reach the right recipients, maximize your open rates, and improve your overall email marketing performance.

Key Features of Reoon Email Verification Tool

Reoon Email Verifier tool offers a wide range of features. Making it a powerful and reliable tool for email list cleaning and validation. Here are some of its key features․ 

A business searching for email verification should take into consideration the following:

They all need a tool that is easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface. Another important aspect is your valuable time. So make sure to find a tool that offers bulk verification to ensure fast action. Detailed reports and analytics on your email list. Risk assessment, to bring forward the risks of your emails being marked as spam. Let’s place Reoon on the test, together.

Once you log in/sign up, you instantly start with an easy-to-navigate dashboard. While researching I made this a high priority. If I don’t understand what’s going on in the next 5 minutes I don’t want it. Reoon takes care of your precious time with an absolutely user-friendly interface. 

the features of Reoon Email Verifier tool

Now, as we are logged in let’s go through some of the most prominent features that Reoon offers to its users. 

  1. Bulk Email Verification: Reoon allows you to verify your entire email list in one go, saving you time and effort. You can upload a CSV file and leave the rest to Reoon. You probably think what if I use Email Marketing systems, well no worries you can connect Reoon directly to popular email marketing software like Mailchimp. 

With Reoon, you can create tasks for each of your email verification lists, to keep everything in place․

Bulk Email Verification feature of Reoon Email Verifier
  1. Syntax and Format Check: If you have been in the game for a while I am sure that you came forward strangely formed email addresses countless times. Such as, and If you don’t have time to go through your email list one by one and filter those Reoon will do it for you. With this email verification tool, you can check each email address for proper syntax and format. Ensuring that they are correctly structured and meet industry standards.
  1. Email Deliverability Check: Can you tell who is more likely to mark your mail as spam? Maybe by just looking at their profile picture? If you tell me you can, I would never believe it. However, Reoon analyzes each email address to determine its deliverability status. It flags addresses that are likely to bounce or be marked as spam, helping you maintain a healthy sender reputation.
  1. Spam Trap Detection: Reoon identifies and flags email addresses that are known spam traps. By removing these addresses from your list, you can protect your sender reputation and improve deliverability rates.
  2. Risk Assessment: You look through businesses or individuals to connect with and share your ideas via email marketing. However, you may never know what they are up to. This tool assesses the risk level associated with each email address. Indicating addresses that have a high probability of being fraudulent or associated with spamming activities.

What is the outcome of using Reoon Email Verifier?

Using Reoon Email Verifier offers several significant benefits for your email marketing campaigns. Let’s explore them:

Improved Deliverability: Improved deliverability is a crucial aspect of email marketing. When you send out emails, you want to ensure that they reach the intended recipients’ inboxes. Rather than getting caught in spam filters or being undeliverable due to invalid or risky email addresses. By removing invalid and risky email addresses from your list, Reoon enhances your email deliverability rates․ That way ensuring that your messages reach your intended recipients’ inboxes. This can increase success in your email marketing campaigns by 1000%. Especially if you suffer from not getting a reply, you change your ways but nothing changes, then you most probably need to improve your email list rather than your campaign. 

Enhanced Sender Reputation: Maintaining a clean and engaged email list positively impacts your sender’s reputation. Email service providers (ESPs) and internet service providers (ISPs) evaluate the reputation of senders to determine whether to deliver their emails to recipients’ inboxes or send them to spam folders. Reoon helps you avoid being flagged as spam or blacklisted by ISPs, protecting your reputation and ensuring your emails are delivered. One of the ways Reoon those this we already discussed in the article.  It identifies and removes invalid email addresses. 

Cost Savings: Cost savings are an important consideration in any business, and efficient email marketing practices can contribute to reducing unnecessary expenses. Sending emails to invalid or inactive addresses is not only ineffective but also wasteful. By using Reoon, you can eliminate unnecessary costs associated with sending emails to non-existent addresses and focus your resources on engaging with genuine leads.

Increased Open and Click Rates: With a verified email list, you can expect higher open and click-through rates. Reoon’s thorough verification process ensures that your messages are reaching engaged and interested recipients, leading to better campaign performance.

Data Security: Reoon prioritizes data security and complies with industry regulations. Your email lists and personal information are kept confidential, giving you peace of mind when using their service.


So much said about the tool, that it instantly makes you wonder how much would it be to use the Reoon Email Verifier tool at its finest. Before going right into the price that Reoon offers, I would like to share with you my research which shows how much on average email verifying software costs, with similar or slightly different features available.

On average popular email verifier tools with similar features, charge $30 for 10k emails. And this can change based on their terms of service.

With Reoon you can 2 plans: Daily Credits and the most popular and beneficial one, which is Livetime Credits.

In the case of the Daily Credits plan, you get 500 credits for as low as $9, the only con is that the credits expire if you do not use them within a day.

With the Lifetime Credits, you get 10k credits for as low as $12, and you are free to use the credits whenever you need them. The plan is twice more affordable as the rest of the email verification tools that I analyzed with the same functionalities. 

What makes Reoon, more trustable is that they offer instant and automatic refunds, without causing you headaches if for some reason you descend to stop using the tool.

The pricing plans of Reoon Email verifier tool

Unique Features of Reoon Email Verifier

Besides all the basics, this tool also has unique features that most other email verifiers do not support. Such as: 

Comprehensive Verification of Microsoft Emails: Reoon goes beyond and above to make sure everyone gets a chance to use their product without any issues. It includes verification of Outlook, Hotmail, etc. Microsoft’s strict policies often result in other companies labeling these emails as “unknown,” but with Reoon you get accurate verification.

Accurate Verification of Yahoo Emails: I can tell for sure that 99% of email verifiers struggle to verify Yahoo emails, that is not the case with Reoon. 

Parting Words

As someone who loves to test out software and find the best solutions for my readers, I can tell that Reoon is totally SaaS Space approved, and will probably help us reach out to our audience in a more effective way.

Reoon Email Verifier tool offers a comprehensive solution for ensuring the accuracy and deliverability of your email list. By eliminating invalid, inactive, and risky email addresses, Reoon helps you maintain a healthy sender reputation, improve email deliverability, and boost the performance of your email marketing campaigns. With its robust features, user-friendly interface, and commitment to data security, Reoon Email Verifier is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Don’t let a poor quality email list hinder your email marketing success. Embrace the power of Reoon Email Verifier and unlock the full potential of your email campaigns. If for some reason you still have doubts, feel free to check out what customers have to say about Reoon.

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