Why to feature a Digital Product in Listicles?

In today’s digital age people want to find effective ways to promote their products. The ways are various and different and finding the best way for your digital product is important. One of the common ways of providing your product in a great way is by using Listicles. So in today’s article, we are going to get deep into it. We are going to learn tricks to get more sales using Listicles.

What is a Listicle?

So what is Listicle? Simply Listicle is a sort of article in a list form.  I am sure you have seen on the internet for example something like this “ Top 10 facts about Digital Marketing”. In short, this type of article is called Listicle. It has the same construction as the ordinary article:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The Listicles’ format is very interesting and it’s fun for your consumers to read it and click on that. A Listicle is persuasive because it offers achievable numbers of steps that users can use and execute. Simply this is the format of content that offers several reasons and secrets of your problems and it grabs the reader’s attention.  

While writing, Listicles can help you to make your article look better and readable. They divide your articles into various sections and make your article easy-digestible for your reader. They help you to simplify complex ideas. So even if you haven’t written one, you probably share it. 

Why is It Important in Digital Marketing?

Nowadays Marketing companies want to introduce their product to customers in a unique way. We don’t have much time to read extended and boring articles. It’s time-consuming. So I am going to surely state that Listicles are one of them. Our brain loves when everything is provided in an easier way. Therefore you can use Listicles to attract your potential customers.

Listicles are eye-catching articles. In this developing world, you can read any article and forget about it in the next moments. Here comes the advantage of Listicles. They make you visually remember the information. So it is more likely to bring you success in Digital Marketing. 

Google likes Listicles. Google let the Listicles be on the top. It should be mentioned that it is more likely that Google will promote the Top 3 Listicles in ranking. 

4 Most Important Reasons Why Readers Like Listicles?

1. Listicles are easy to read.

Humans’ brains don’t like to read long, boring articles and choose the preferred product among them. Listicles make your article more digestible. So this is the most favorable format of content that you can use for promoting your digital product. Customers consume from the article the points they need. 

One of the most important parts of Listicles is their structure. If they are written in the correct structure, people immediately see the benefits, and features that they need and also they see the pricing.  

People trust other specialists’ analyses. There is no need to download or test the product to catch how the product works. They read the analysis and find out the advantages and disadvantages of the products. So  It’s an interactive way of earning customers’ trust. 

It is fun for your readers to read the articles with numbers and bold letters. The construction of Listicles lets the readers catch the meaning of your article. So instead of wasting your and your reader’s time, use the tricky way of Content Marketing. Use The Listicles.

For example, if you are an essay writing service provider in the UK, your target audience will be students studying in the universities and colleges of the different cities of the United Kingdom.

2. The headlines are catchy for readers.

The second reason why Listicle works so well is the headline. This is one of the interesting and promising parts of content strategy. The headlines give the main information to your reader. They get promises and answers to their questions from the headline. So you need to think of appropriate headlines for your articles. 

The benefit of catchy headlines is that they can immediately grab the reader’s attention. Readers also like easy headlines that are digestible. It means that they can get the main points of an article just by looking at the headlines. So pay attention to headlines and try to make them interesting and consumable.

3. They clarify information.

Providing your product in the field of Digital Marketing is not trouble-free. Sometimes your content needs to be technical and it attracts a limited number of audiences. Your only way to make your content readable is to simplify your article.

Here Listicles can help you as well. They will clarify your complex topics. Many studies show that readers like to read a Listicle full of interesting facts rather than a boring essay in the form of the same content.

4. They promise achievement.

Our brain tends to like a thick list of checklists. When we see Listicles, they bring us a sense of achievement. So it’s a tricky way to attract your customer. You can introduce your Digital Product in the way of Listicles. They will get more clicks and more views which means it will drive more sales.  

After reading the article the reader feels accomplished. That’s why they tend to read more Listicles. Simple it provides them this achieving feeling. When customers see your product in more than one or two Listicles they believe that you are reliable.  

In Google’s top 3 ranking Listicle websites get the most traffic. The remaining are in 4th or 5th place or others don’t get much traffic in general. People focus their attention on the Top 3. The clicks and sales are higher in the top 3 websites. So it is better to rank higher to reach your achievement. 

How To Create a Good Product Description For Listicles?

An animation about how to create a good product description

To have an advantage over competitors’ products you need to have a good description. If you add a bit of creativity in your description then it will become more compelling. To succeed in description you need to answer these questions.

  • What problem does your product solve?
  • What will your customers gain from your product?
  • What makes your product better in competition?

Good product description should answer these questions in an engaging way.

After that, there are some details that you should pay attention to. First highlight your best features, if you know what is your advantage in the market, definitely mention it. Don’t just mention them, speak about their productivity, functions, etc.

For example, among various products only yours have a money-back guarantee. You need to mention it. It will make your customers trust your product. Mention your features, functionalities, and benefits. Speak about the usefulness of the features.

How To Use Listicles in Content Marketing?

Content Marketing became one of the best strategies to promote your product and drive sales. Every company and every Content Creator spends hours planning their content strategy. So it’s a strategy to create and share content that grabs the reader’s attention and retains the target audience.

The Content can take various forms like Social Media, Blog posts etc. One of them is Listicle. As we mentioned before, Listicles are the essential part of Content Strategy. What is the goal of Content Marketing? The main aim of Content Marketing  is to catch the reader’s attention. Listicles can help you to make your Content Marketing more effective. 

It is not necessary for Listicles to be blog posts, they can be also in Linkedin or other specialists can suggest the best tools including your product. 

6 Steps How To Build Good Listicles For Your Blog

As we already know about the benefits of the Listicles, it is time to get deeper in them. After all, we need to know how to build good Listicles in order to get more sales in Digital Marketing.

1. Choose The Topic

First and the most important thing that you should do is choose your topic. Your topics can be varied depending on what you are going to write. So if you are writing something about Digital Marketing you need to research what are the most popular things in it and write about them. For example Video Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Stories, etc.

2. Write eye-catching titles.

The first thing that your reader will look at is your title. So pay attention to it. After choosing a topic you need to write an eye-catching title. Titles and headlines are essential for attracting more viewers. Don’t fill the title with wasted words. But on the other hand, don’t use the most important information from your articles. If your reader doesn’t like the title they will just get out of your website. So that while reading your viewer will not get bored.

Let’s take into consideration this title.  “ 5 Ways to Use AI for Marketing Strategy’’. It is clear, It gives you the main things you will explore. You know that you will learn 5 steps on how to use AI in Marketing.

3. Find Keywords For Your Listicles.

A keyword is just a word or phrase that describes the content of your website, article, or blog post. They are essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So when people are looking for something they use keywords to help them find what they are searching for.  It doesn’t matter what you are writing, any article, any blog needs relevant keywords.

 Don’t overestimate yourself and don’t think that you know all the keywords concerning your topic. Using the right keywords can help your Listicle stand out from the competition so in any case do research. It may take a little bit of time for you, to research the keywords and then write your article but believe me in that way your Listicle will work for you for a long time. 

4. Write Listicle Content That Needs Your Audience.

The target audience is the people who will be interested in your product or service.  Determining your target market is very essential for any company because it helps to focus marketing efforts and resources on your potential customers. By defining your target audience you can identify the specific needs, interests, and preferences of your potential customers. This can help you to attract the right audience and convert them into customers later.

It doesn’t matter what you are writing about, you need to identify your target audience. What do they need from this article? Your main aim is with the help of your article to answer their questions. So you need to analyze your audience to create relevant content for them.

5. Consider The Main Points That You Want to Make.

The next thing that you should do is identify your points. Before reading an article people tend to scan the points to decide whether it is informative for them or not. Therefore they decide to continue or not.

The points that you are going to include in your article should not be all new for your reader. Yet you can write two or three new and interesting ideas. But it doesn’t mean that your article must contain commonly used and already known information. So be attentive to your points. They are the most important part of your work.

6. Make Your Article Visually Appropriate.

Our brain processes visuals faster than texts. When you are writing a Listicle your goal is to make people click on your product and purchase them. Therefore you need to place in your article with catchy pictures and graphics. Many people say that pictures and graphics draw their attention.

Good visual content can create a strong emotional connection with your customer. Visual materials infographics are performing well when it comes to marketing. Therefore adding visuals to your Listicle can help break up text and make it more engaging. 

The Don’ts In Listicles

An animation of the don'ts in Listicles

1.Don’t write confusing headlines.

When your reader is reading your article they want to have a better understanding of what your article is about just by looking at your headlines. You need to be as certain as you can. Don’t use complex words or terms unless you need them.

Don’t use confusing nouns. Get rid of wasteful stuff. Therefore don’t let the length guide your headlines. 

2.Don’t use teen numbers.

While writing a Listicle you will maybe have many facts about your service or many suggestions. But pay attention to the unlimited number. Don’t go over Ten. Try to figure out the most important facts till ten. 

Avoid using teen numbers. Every number under ten is normal and readers like them. But when in your listicle you use teen numbers, it is more probably your reader will not continue reading and they will hate that. 

3.Don’t write without an understanding what your audience wants.

As we mentioned before it’s essential to know what your audience needs. You can’t write content if you don’t know what your audience needs, who they are, and what to write for them. Identify your target audience. 

Identifying your target audience can help you stand out from your competitors. Many Digital companies and Content Creators spend hours defining their target audience. If you will not select them according to your brand requirements they are of no use. You will just waste your money on Marketing and not get any profitable results. 


In this article, we clarify why Listicles are so important in Digital Marketing and how they can help you. We found out together how to use them in Content marketing, why do readers like them, how to write good Listicles, etc. 

So guys if you thought about whether it is worth it to use Listicles or not then now you have made it clear that you should use them. In conclusion, we recommend you to use Listicles in your Digital Product promotion. They will bring you many clicks, views, and therefore more sales. 

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