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Nowadays marketing is one of the essential steps you should do to promote your digital product. People tend to trust the internet if they want something. Digital Marketing tools and techniques provide business owners with the best chances for competition, survival, and even business growth. One of the productive ways of Marketing is Content Marketing. Therefore you need to know why it is important, how to create valuable content, and how to improve your SAAS GROWTH.

Why is Content Marketing Important for SAAS?

Content Marketing is a strategy that you can wisely use to be closer to your customers and increase your sales. It works for SAAS as well. It’s an inseparable part of SAAS Marketing.

SAAS products are often complex and they require a high degree of trust. By creating trustful content that addresses your audience and replies to their questions, you can establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Great Content helps customers to know about:

  •  your company
  •  your products
  • your goals, etc.

The main reason is that SAAS businesses are performing well, thanks to their content. They create great and interesting content that helps their buyers to know what they want.

How Does SAAS Content Marketing Work?

Many SAAS product owners want to know how to create great content for their websites. The first thing that you should do to improve your content is to visit the web daily and practice.

People like engaging stories. That’s why if you have a SAAS company you should focus on your content. Here are some SAAS company examples that create good content.

1. Linkedin

For many years Linkedin ranked in high positions for offering jobs and they built relationships with their visitors. One of the best ways that they achieved these results is by creating good content.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce mostly focuses on its content and helps its clients to deeply understand their products, how to use them etc. They also create blog posts that help their customers to better understand the advantages of their product.

3. Oracle

One of the best examples of SAAS Content Marketing is Oracle. They created a blog with a range of topics related to software development and cloud computing. Their content is great and provides valuable information to their customers.

TOP 6 SAAS Growth Strategies to Promote Your Digital Product

After understanding that Content Marketing is essential for your SAAS growth, there are several SAAS growth strategies that you should use to achieve your main goals.

1. Define your target audience

Identifying your target audience will help your SAAS company to know its needs better. A good way to target your audience is by analyzing your customers using social media analytics tools. After defining your audience you can create a profile that will like your customer.

2. Evaluate your competitors

It is not surprising that observing your competitors is essential to success in your industry. By analyzing your competitors’ content you will find techniques that they use to attract more clients.

3. Identify your objectives

Before creating valuable content you need to focus on your objectives. Identify your main goals. When you already defined your objectives it is simpler to reach your wanted results and promote your product.

4. Search and evaluate keywords

It doesn’t matter in which stage you are with your customer you need to use specific keywords to provide the information they need. But before using a keyword you need to take the right one. There are many tools for exploring relevant keywords. Using those tools you can develop your list of keywords. 

5. Content production

Once you identified:

  •  your target audience
  • your goals 
  • explored your keywords

You must focus again on your content production. Following these steps, without creating great content is worthless. So focus on your content, use some sales enablement strategies, and increase your sales. 

6. Evaluating results

After these long steps let’s focus on our results because only that will give us an objective picture of our development. If you find out that your results aren’t achieving your objectives, focus on techniques that will help you to generate success. Focus on your marketing budget, and promote your products and software.

Types of Marketing for Your Digital Product

An animation of marketing types of your digital product

There are many types of Marketing that you can also consider and there are Marketing strategies you should use.

1. Social Media Marketing

For many people, Social Media is just a way to keep in touch with friends or just watch some videos. But it’s not like that. Social Media is also a type of Marketing that you can use to promote your product or software

In the 21st century, SMM is one of the most productive techniques to grow your SAAS Marketing. Social Media offers various advantages to business owners. It empowers them to connect to their target audience and as well as gain more attention from their potential customers.

It’s a good way of increasing your product’s awareness. Shares and blog posts will help you get recognized among your new customers and investors. It will be quite easy for you to get new potential customers.

In this developing social media world, keeping an eye on the competition is crucial.

 It will help you decide:

  •  what kind of content do you need?
  •  how to introduce your product to the audience.

Many business owners claim that social media gave a breath to their products. They increased their traffic and got new potential customers.

2. SEO

The second most important type of Marketing is Search Engine Optimization. Why is SEO important? Simply because your website needs to attract new customers.

With the help of SEO, you can:

  •  rank high in Google 
  •  get potential customers

 So the higher your content and website rank in Google the higher the opportunity that people will click on it. Therefore more sales you will likely get more.

Furthermore, SEO helps improve your brand awareness by attracting web users interested in your product. They will click on your website and sooner or later become your customers.

You can rank high:

  •  for highly relevant and targeted keywords
  •  driving more qualified leads 
  • helping to convert new visitors

If your website isn’t performing well in search engine rankings. But you want to take advantage of this competition and increase your sales. Then it’s essential to invest time and money in optimizing your website with SEO, especially with the expertise of a SaaS SEO agency.

3. SEM

Search Engine Marketing is a way of marketing, which helps you to increase your website visibility with the help of SEO in SERPs ( Search Engine Results Pages ) and advertising. Through SEM you can get highly qualified traffic on your website.

Moreover, SEM brings to your website highly qualified traffic both in organic form and in paid form. The customer wants to buy any product so SEM shows him the results on the page. The visitor gets attracted and clicks on it. It brings qualified traffic.

SEM will make your brand or company popular by placing you on the top of Google. Therefore it allows the user to identify your company or brand and click on it.

Google Ads is an example of Search Engine Marketing. It is one of the most efficient ways to promote your content on your platform.
SEM is similar to SEO but there is a gentle difference between them. SEO is done by organic traffic whereas SEM is done by paid organic campaigns or by PPC.

4. Email

Email marketing is a unique way to reach your potential customers directly. Even some marketers claim that it is the most productive and important way of marketing. On the other hand, some people don’t agree and said that this way is already dead.

But not, it’s not dead! It is more alive than ever. It means that Email marketing keeps developing every single day as new technologies hit the market. But, yes, it is less effective if you don’t know how to do it properly. 

Everyone has an email address. If you choose to reach out to your customers through email, you will probably target a larger circle of audience. 

Email marketing doesn’t claim much time. Nowadays various types of software help you to automate email campaigns. Moreover, it is an effective form of lead generation.

5. Youtube Marketing

It is not surprising that Youtube Marketing is one of the efficient ways of promotion as it greatly impacts viewers. Simply for this reason, many companies use Youtube to promote their products and software.

If you have your own business you can shoot a small video, upload it on Youtube and promote your product. This will certainly increase your reach and new customers will be added.

Youtube helps the customer to see your product through your video. In this way, customers will understand your product easily. Video content is quite engaging and can be an interesting way to grab your viewers’ attention.

Youtube advertising can be inexpensive compared to other types of promotion. 

6. Content Marketing

Why is content important? Businesses need to inform their clients about the products, software, or services that they offer. If your customers get more familiar with your brand it is easier to get sales and make more money.

Content Marketing helps:

  • to build relationships with your customers
  • improve conversions  
  • get more leads

So your audience will stick around longer and your business will certainly become more visible.

The Marketing world is always changing so it’s necessary to know the latest trends. Invest more time and money in your content strategy. 

There are different types of Content Marketing:

  •  blog posts
  •  memes
  •  reviews
  •  vlogging, etc. 

By creating interesting content you will easily target your audience and gain the trust of your potential customers.


Digital marketing is everywhere we look now. Some do it great, others do not. There can be a thousand tips on successful digital marketing. But all of them depend on how wisely you use them. So, explore and never stop learning about Digital Marketing.

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