Best Shopify SEO Apps for 2024 | Top List

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, constantly striving to stand out among strong competitors is the way of success for Shopify users. This is because SEO apps are not just amenities but necessities in this industry. They provide valuable tools to optimize the Shopify store for search engines. These apps are designed to make sure that Shopify businesses can improve their ranking, increase visibility, and attract organic traffic to their websites. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the best Shopify SEO apps for 2024.

1. Sitemap NoIndex Pro

Sitemap NoIndex Pro - Shopify SEO tools

Sitemap Nolndex Pro takes the first spot as the best Shopify SEO app. Tailored for e-commerce businesses, this app increases your online store’s visibility by generating an SEO-friendly HTML sitemap. It lets you take control of your Shopify experience by customizing the XML sitemap, removing unwanted pages with ease, and managing crawling through NoIndex/NoFollow meta tags. The AppSitemap NoIndex Pro is a feature-packed plugin that allows you to resolve duplicate content issues, enhance indexation, and expand coverage for Google SEO and other search engines.

On top of that, Sitemap NoIndex Pro is affordable for everyone wanting to make their websites and stores fully optimized for crawling and indexation. 

Key Features

  1. HTML Sitemap Builder: Easily create an HTML sitemap that’s SEO-friendly to help your website get the visibility it deserves. 
  2. XML Sitemap: Adjust the XML sitemap and submit it to search engines to improve how they understand and navigate your website.
  3. Search Engine Crawling Control: Use NoIndex and NoFollow Meta Tags to exclude specific pages, deciding which ones you don’t want search engines to pay attention to.
  4. Indexation Maximization: Sitemap Nolndex Pro makes your website appear more on search engines by fixing repeating content issues. On top of that, it optimizes sitemaps and meta tags. 
  5. Automatic Updates:  This feature keeps your website sitemap up-to-date without you having to do anything with it. Simply install the app and get your hands off of things. 


If you want to improve your website’s SEO with everything in just one place for almost no price, Sitemap Nolndex Pro is your go-to. With just $3.49 monthly, you will get unlimited access to all of Sitemap Nolndex Pro’s features. The app also comes with a 7-day free trial to get a glimpse into the tool before upgrading to their paid plan. 

2. Boardroom

Boardroom SEO Tool for Shopify

Boardroom is an all-in-one toolkit for e-commerce businesses looking to streamline their content and reach. On-page SEO would be meaningless if there’s no proper content on your Shopify webpage. That’s where the Boardroom app comes in handy with its rich set of tools. Its AI-powered blogging tool will help you generate top-notch blog posts and product descriptions in no time. 

Boardroom is also a multi-store, multi-channel KPI analytics and reporting dashboard. You can connect the data from your Shopify store with your GA4 and advertising accounts for seamless reporting in one dashboard. This enables you to learn more about your “pain points” and the areas needing improvement. 

Looking forward, the app plans on releasing a new Keyword Research feature that will help with the SEO Workflow as users can brainstorm, evaluate, and write blog posts about keywords in their niche, all assisted by AI!

With Boardroom, there’s no need to navigate through different apps to get SEO-worthy content. With the help of AI automation, you have the chance to employ all the necessary tools in one place. 

Key Features

  1. AI Content Generation: Blog posts being the foothold: Boardroom offers AI-driven solutions for SEO. Insert your prompts and get high-quality results instantly. 
  2. Shopify Product Descriptions: Quickly and painlessly draft product descriptions using a thoroughly engineered AI prompt, then publish to your website with a single click. 
  3. SEO Tips & Score: Leverage Boardroom’s SEO tips and further enhance the quality of your articles and optimize them for search engines.
  4. KPI Analytics and Reporting Dashboard: Get constant updates and insights into your performance. The access to over 50 metrics, such as Net Profit, Margin, COGS, ROAS, CLV, etc., will help you optimize your Shopify store. 
  5. Keyword Research (Coming Soon!): This new feature will save you plenty of time in curating your niche keywords and planning your content strategy. 


Boardroom has developed three pricing plans: Analyst, Manager, and Director. Once you subscribe to any plans, you get full access to their features: AI blogging, SEO, product descriptions, and the analytics dashboard. In that case, your plan will depend on the number of orders. For up to 99 orders per month, Analyst ($19/month) is your go-to. Manager ($39/month) is the best choice if you expect 100 to 499 monthly orders. You can upgrade to Director ($79/month) if you want to go beyond any limits. 

3. Linkify

Linkify Shopify App

Webrex Linkify is among the best Shopify SEO apps to use in 2024. This app enables you to improve your site’s search engine ranking and increase traffic more efficiently. It can help a lot in achieving higher rankings, improved authority, and increased traffic flow for Shopify users.

Key Features

  • High DA Backlinks: You can enhance your website’s authority and credibility by increasing its Domain Authority (DA) links. The app will also place your site higher in search engines’ algorithms.
  • Organic Ranking Boost: By adjusting the main strategies, this app goes for organic growth of ranks so that it improves visibility and relevance to potential visitors.
  • Targeted Backlink Categories: With WebrexLinkify, you can get social bookmarking, image sharing, or profile links from us as well as other various backlink categories designed to ensure different sources of traffic.
  • Post-Backlink Optimization: Having backlinks after the post will make them even more valuable by strengthening further the website’s authority within its niche.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: This application has strong monitoring features for tracking backlink performance and making sound decisions for ongoing optimization.

You can use Webrex Linkify to make your website top-ranked on Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines. This enables you to drive more traffic and become an authoritative figure in your industry at large.


The Webrex Linkify app is totally free to install and get 3 high-quality backlinks. However, to receive more backlinks you need to activate the Pro plan. For 150+ backlinks, you will be charged $250.

4. Easy SEO

Easy SEO Shopify Tool

Easy SEO enables you to easily improve your online presence and improve the visibility of your brand with high-ranking blogs and news sites. This is how Easy SEO can be of help to you.

Key Features

  • Writing Articles for Top Ranked Blogs & News Sites: This way, your content becomes visible on well-known platforms. This, in turn, will lead to more viewership numbers and credibility.
  • Streamlining Your Marketing Efforts: Easy SEO provides a straightforward platform where one can publish original and captivating content from reputable sites. This will highly affect your marketing strategies and efforts.
  • Fostering Your Brand Identity: Things such as building up persuasive articles that reflect the values and expertise of one’s company help it outshine others. This improves brand recognition and loyalty among customers.
  • Driving Quality Traffic to Your Website: That way, individuals who are interested will follow up on links provided within these articles. This will redirect them to your website thus boosting traffic chances leading to sales.
  • Boosting SEO Performance: As a result of increasing visibility or engagement levels through the number of articles published from this site, search engine ranking for this site increases resulting in higher visibility levels.


With Easy SEO, you have an opportunity to get one article published. For more advanced features, you need to activate the plugin’s Pro version:

  • Premium – $8 per month
  • Business – $45 per month
  • Enterprise – $250 per month

5. SEO Assistant Pro

SEO Assistant Pro App

With the SEO Assistant Pro, you’ll have great control over your Shopify store’s SEO strategies. By using this app, you can refine marketing tactics to be more efficient, increase product visibility, and get more people to visit them easily.

Key Features

  • Auto Change Canonical URL: This app automatically rewrites canonical URLs for various products. So that they can be indexed and optimized by search engines.
  • Flexible SEO Configuration: With a high level of flexibility, you can customize individual SEO settings for various products. The SEO Assistant Pro app customizes meta tags and ALT text in an easy way thus enhancing the online presence of each item.
  • Permanent Task Creation: You can create permanent tasks that will edit meta tags on new products added to the store. So there is no need for manual changes for search engine optimization purposes.
  • SEO Problem Tracking: The app enables users to solve any possible issue with a built-in tracking feature regarding SEO.
  • Bulk Edit Capabilities: This app allows editing of meta tags and ALT texts in bulk thus saving your time.


.With 100 SEO scans for up to 100 websites, the app offers a free plan to use on your Shopify store. To access more advanced features you need to activate one of the pro plans at this pricing:

  • Lite Plan – $1 per month
  • Pro Plan – $6.99 per month

To Wrap Things Up…

Investing in high-quality Shopify SEO apps for your store is a step forward to realizing maximum online presence and revenue potential. With these tools, you will be able to smoothen your optimization process, keep ahead of other competing stores, and eventually get more organic traffic. Thus, you can make use of these powerful applications so that you can enhance your SEO strategies within your e-commerce business.

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