2024 Best Shop Design Apps for Shopify

E-commerce trends change dynamically. So, having a visually attractive and user-friendly online store is your key to success. Luckily, if your shop is built with Shopify, you have a wide variety of apps to choose from for enhancing your online shop’s design and elevating its effective performance. In this article, we are going to discover the best shop design apps for Shopify.

5 Best Shop Design Apps for Shopify

Whether you’re an established online store owner or you are just starting your journey, the best shop design apps for Shopify offered in the paragraphs below, promise to transform your Shopify store with advanced customization features and innovative approaches they bring to the sales process.

1. WideBundle

WideBundle - Best Shop Design Apps for Shopify

If you are looking to increase your Shopify store’s profitability and improve your customer experience then you should definitely proceed with WideBundle, the best product bundle app for Shopify. WideBundle elevates your profits by increasing the number of sales on your Shopify store effortlessly thanks to its massive impact on your AOV and conversion rate. It allows you to create incredible product offers by leveraging the bundling option. In turn, these offers immediately put your customers in a purchasing mindset. With an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on the Shopify App Store and more than 60,000 happy users, WideBundle offers an ultimate approach to the sales process significantly. With its attractive offers principle, it helps to improve conversion rates and at the same time, it increases the shoppers’ experience due to its super intuitive, eye-catching, and responsive design.

Widebundle App

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of WideBundle that you will definitely appreciate.

  • Creating Unlimited Custom Offers
    • Defining special discounts
    • Setting the offer name
    • Setting the product quantity (product quantity button)
    • Defining the price (price per unit)
    • Specifying the offer thumbnail
  • Customizable Design
    • Blinking texts
    • Color swatches
    • 6 default bundle themes
    • Saving your personalized bundles as templates
    • Banners to highlight your offers
    • Custom texts
    • Price per unit
  • App Compatibility 
    • Highly compatible with all the Shopify themes.
    • Integrating more 3-rd party apps other than Shopify.
  • Analytical Insights
    • Insights into Shopify store’s customer behaviors, sales attribution, etc.
  • Fast-replying multilingual customer support available in 7 languages 7 days a week.

Widebundle Benefits

With its advanced bundling features, Widebundle benefits your Shopify store growth, customer engagement, and conversion rate increment. First, creating a custom offer and adding various product options to it ensure your customers enjoy a convenient experience on Shopify. By making special offers and product bundles for customers, businesses can efficiently raise the AOV (Average Order Value). This is because shoppers will be highly motivated to add more items to their carts. So, it is essential to focus on preparing attractive product bundles that match your client’s needs and preferences.

Next, its enhanced compatibility both with Shopify apps and other 3-rd party tools elevates the Widebundle app’s functionality making it even more powerful, especially when combined with Page Builder or Cart Drawers.

Also, the analytical insights provided by the app enable the Shopify store owners to tailor engaging and personalized marketing strategies thus significantly increasing store conversions and driving more sales.

Finally, among the most attractive benefits of the Widebundle app are its user-friendly and intuitive dashboard, 5-minute bundle creation process, comprehensive documentation with videos, and written articles. So, you do not need to have advanced technical skills to use this app. Besides, in case of any issues, you can totally lean on the reactive customer support service available 7 days a week.

Who Needs the WideBundle App?

Using product bundles is of huge importance for all brands. This is because the product bundles not only raise the value of offerings but also give clients a proven reason why choose the comprehensive package. Bundles improve the shopping experience by creating a win-win scenario thus increasing the number of satisfied customers.

So, basically, any merchant who aims to enhance AOV and Shopify store profitability, as well as approve the best shopper experience in his store, needs the WideBundle App. Due to its advanced features, the app benefits the business’ sales growth and ongoing conversions.


Before moving to the app’s paid plans, you are allowed to test the app for free within 14 days. After that, you can select two available pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan – $18 (including unlimited offer creation, bundle design customization, adding the app to as many products as the store owner needs, and displaying the quantity button).

Advanced Plan – $36 (including all the features available in the Basic Plan, and additionally, color swatches, bundle templates, banners to highlight your offers, custom texts, price per unit, and 2 bundle themes).

2. Shopify Search & Discovery

Shopify Search and Discovery App

The second app from our list is Shopify Search and Discovery. With its advanced product search feature, this app enhances the user experience on your Shopify store enabling them to quickly and easily find the item they are looking for. Scoring a 4.3 out of 5-star rating the app enables website owners to customize search, product recommendation, and filtering options. Moreover, advanced analytical insights will become a valuable point for improving further store operations.

Key Features

Here are some of the main features of the Search and Discovery App:

  • Filter customization to enable a search process with multiple categories.
  • Synonym groups for easy navigation with product descriptions.
  • Product boosts
  • Adding alternative products in the item detail pages
  • Thorough analytics and insights


One of the most advantageous things about the Search and Discovery app is that it is free to install and use on Shopify.

3. Smile: Loyalty and Rewards

Smile Best Shop Design Apps for Shopify

Loyalty and reward plans are very important for customer retention. With Smile.io, scoring more than you can create the most attractive loyalty, VIP rewards, and referral programs to increase your store sales and engagement. Working with this app is quite simple and quick. This is through various app integrations that are easy to set up and use on Shopify.

Key Features

  • Rewards launcher, Emails, and panel customization.
  • Earning points feature to encourage customer retention.
  • Email, customer support, and review app integrations.
  • Referral links with Nudges
  • Customer reminders
  • Automatical translations for loyalty programs.


For up to 200 orders per month, the app is totally free to install. However, for advanced features, you will need to activate one of the Premium plans:

  • Starter – $49 per month
  • Growth – $199 per month
  • Plus – $999 per month

4. Zakeke

Zakeke Best Shop Design Apps for Shopify

Zakeke is an advanced B2B Visual Commerce platform, designed to empower merchants to enhance and innovate the Shopping Experience through innovative visual technologies. With Zakeke’s comprehensive suite of tools, merchants can improve their customers’ experience by offering real-time product personalization (with unlimited customization options), advanced 3D visualization, immersive AR experiences, and innovative Virtual Try-On tools.

Zakeke helps merchants across all kinds of industries create engaging and personalized experiences that exceed customer expectations and boost sales, all while streamlining operational loads for sellers and reducing unnecessary costs through efficient automation. 

Seamlessly integrating with major e-commerce systems and brands’ back-ends, Zakeke offers an easy-to-use back-end for merchants and a cloud-based, no-coding-necessary setup. Zakeke is a straightforward plug-in, operational within seconds on any e-commerce platform, and it also offers APIs for custom integrations. Concerning potential impacts on website speed, Zakeke ensures it will not hinder the performance and affect website speed.

Today, Zakeke serves over 10.000 customers globally across more than 400 industries, aiming to engage consumers with an interactive, visually appealing shopping journey. Zakeke was built with the aim of collaborating with clients from various industries. Any retailer who seeks to elevate his shopping experience can greatly benefit from Zakeke. The platform addresses unique challenges across various sectors, boasting a clientele that includes renowned fashion brands like Armani and Testoni, tech giants such as HP, and eco-conscious enterprises like Ecocup. Zakeke’s versatility makes it suitable for retailers of all scales, from small shops to enterprise businesses.

Key Features

A single platform offering numerous tools and solutions. Let’s explore this in detail:

  • Visual Product Customizer: This tool enables businesses to offer comprehensive product personalization. Customers can add custom text, images, and design elements in real-time, while businesses set production-aligned customization rules. It streamlines design internal processes with print-ready files, allowing businesses to offer unique, custom products while streamlining operations and not overloading teams.
  • 3D Product Configurator: This tool offers a truly immersive and personalized 3D Shopping Experience. Customers become creators, designing made-to-order products with control over details like elements, colors, and materials, within merchant-defined configuration rules. It’s user-friendly, requiring no coding or 3D design skills.
  • 3D & AR Viewer: The 3D & AR Viewer brings products to life, providing a new immersive Shopping Experience through advanced 3D visualization and Augmented Reality. Businesses can seamlessly share their 3D models across all platforms without the need for additional apps or plugins – using just a link or QR code. Customers interact with products in real time, rotating, zooming, and enhancing their Shopping experience.
  • Virtual Try-On: Zakeke’s Virtual Try-On tool transforms shopping by enabling customers to virtually try products before buying on any browser or device, without needing apps. Using AI, it ensures a perfect fit. This tool merges live customization with virtual testing, enhancing customer confidence, reducing returns, and elevating the shopping experience.
  • 3D Asset Manager: The 3D Digital Asset Manager is a centralized platform for easy creation, storage, management, and collaboration on 3D assets. Businesses can transform 2D images into 3D, manage large 3D catalogs, and make bulk changes efficiently. It also supports creating 3D GIFs and videos for marketing, seamlessly integrating assets across channels, all with no need for IT expertise.


Offering a free trial period, Zakeke has affordable pricing plans tailored for any purpose:

  • Starter – $13.93
  • Grow – $34.93
  • Scale – $90.93

Users can also obtain a customized plan for the Zakeke app.

5. Optify

Optify Shopify App

In the bustling world of e-commerce, the Optify Section Library emerges as a beacon of innovation for Shopify store owners. This app is a creation of Optify Agency, designed to break the barriers of store customization on Shopify.

What sets the Optify Section Library apart is its vast array of customizable sections. These sections are not just add-ons but are integral tools that blend seamlessly with any Shopify theme. The app caters to a wide range of needs, from enhancing product displays to creating engaging call-to-action sections. It’s a treasure trove for both budding entrepreneurs and seasoned e-commerce veterans.

Key Features

The app’s user-friendly interface is a standout feature, allowing even those with minimal technical skills to tailor their store’s look and feel. This ease of use does not compromise on the depth of customization available, making it a versatile choice for diverse branding needs.

The library’s diversity is impressive, encompassing everything from image galleries and testimonial sections to FAQs and more. Each section is responsive, ensuring a smooth user experience across various devices. This responsiveness is a must-have feature in today’s mobile-first world, where online shopping is increasingly done on the go.

Optify Section Library is continually evolving, with regular updates that introduce new sections and features. This commitment to growth ensures that the app remains aligned with the latest e-commerce trends and user feedback. Moreover, the support team behind the app is always ready to assist users, adding a layer of reliability to the app’s offerings.

The Optify Section Library stands as a testament to Optify Agency’s commitment to empowering Shopify store owners. It’s an app that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of online stores but also contributes to better user engagement and potentially higher conversion rates.


Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Optify Section Library is its pricing model. The one-time purchase enables users to gain lifetime access to the app’s growing library. This model presents incredible value, especially for businesses looking to minimize recurring costs while keeping their store’s design fresh and engaging.

To Wrap Things Up…

So, in this article, we have discovered the best shop design apps for Shopify. These are highly advantageous tools to enhance your Shopify online shop’s operation, engage more online visitors, and convert them into loyal customers thus increasing your sales and revenue.

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