5 Best Review Apps on Shopify in 2024

Reviews play a crucial role in building trust among your customers, thus also increasing your conversions and sales. Businesses need reviews to improve their products and services, but there’s more to it. They serve as social proof, bringing your potential customers a step closer to making purchases on your website. Reviews also contribute to your website’s SEO efforts, helping you get noticed and stand out in search results. 

Well, you have the reviews; what’s next? You need to display them on your website using one of the best review apps in this article. We have made a list of the high-rated apps to make your job easier.    

1. ViVa Reviews

the landing page of one of the best review apps

ViVA Reviews takes the top spot as the best reviews app on Shopify. This app lets you boost your store sales and conversions by adding and importing reviews with a few clicks. With this app, you will make your store more credible for your visitors, showcasing reviews from your already-existing customers. ViVa Reviews is the only AI-powered review app that allows you to simplify the process of adding reviews to your shop using their AI Review Finder tool. Automatically find reviews without needing to locate matching products on Aliexpress manually. For increased visibility on Google, Google Rich Snippet support will display your review ratings in the Google search. 

Key Features

  • Time-saving tools: The AI-powered Review Finder will maximize the efficiency of ViVa Reviews, letting you add reviews to your store effortlessly and in no time. 
  • Review import: Import reviews from Aliexpress that match your style and language preferences.
  • Google Rich Snippet: Get noticed by displaying review ratings on Google search results.
  • Build Trust and Brand Awareness: Let satisfied customers become your brand voice. Display authentic reviews on your Shopify store, increasing the trust among your potential clients. 


ViVa Reviews has a forever-free plan that lets you add unlimited reviews for up to 50 products and customize and translate your reviews. If you want to go beyond these limits, you can try out the Plus plan, which costs only $4.99/month. Within this plan, you can add unlimited reviews for unlimited products and also experience the power of Google Rich Snippet. 

2. Loox

the website of one of the best shopify review apps

Loox is one of the best review apps for you to consider. It helps you build trust and credibility among your prospective customers. Collect photo and video reviews effortlessly with Loox and its highly customizable, appealing, and flexible widgets. The app has automated the whole process for you, so no more manual work of adding reviews. Loox offers several ways you can improve your conversion rates and sales by adding your review base. Besides letting you integrate reviews into your website, it comes with referral and upsell tools that encourage your customers to leave comments.  

Loox supports all Shopify themes and languages, so you are free to customize it to your website’s look and feel. 

Key features

  • Automated Review Collection: Collect product reviews effortlessly with customized emails and review forms, streamlining the feedback process for your customers.
  • Incentivized Reviews: Encourage your customers to share their feedback by offering next-purchase discounts.  
  • Customizable Widgets: Elevate your review display with beautiful widgets, including carousels, pop-ups, and badges, seamlessly integrating into your website. 
  • Multi-platform Review Sync: Boost your visibility by syncing reviews to major platforms, such as Google Search, Shopping, Meta Shops, etc.
  • Social Proof Upsells 
  • Top-notch 24/7 customer support


Loox has three paid plans: Beginner, Scale, and Unlimited. Beginner ($9.99/month) comes with 100 monthly review request emails, widgets, next-purchase discounts, up to 500 orders, and multilingual support. Scale ($34.99/month) includes everything in the previous plan, plus full customizations and all integrations. If you want to feel the power of Loox without any limits, try out their Unlimited plan ($299.99/month), that comes with all the features it has to offer. 

3. Ali Reviews

a top review app on Shopify

Ali Reviews is your go-to plugin for collecting and importing reviews to your website. You can collect reviews that will build trust among your potential customers through automated email and SMS requests. If you already have a decent amount of reviews, you can import them from Amazon and Aliexpress with just one click. This plugin offers highly customizable review display options to match the look and feel of your website, making itself one of the best review apps.

Key features

  • Review Collection: with pre-made templates for review requests, you can send emails and SMS and easily collect them.
  • Bulk Import: Instead of manually adding reviews into you website, do a bulk import with AliExpress Reviews Importer, Amazon, Dsers, and Ali Orders
  • Review Display Options: Choose from the library of eye-catching options to display your reviews on your website. 
  • Incentives:  Incentivize your already existing customers and gather insightful reviews by easily customizing questions, Q&As, and managing programs (coupon discounts). 
  • Google Rich Snippet: Get more exposure in Google search by displaying your reviews on Google 
  • Marketing Assets: Create valuable marketing assets from photo reviews and user-generated content to post on social media


Ali Reviews has a free plan for you to explore its diverse set of features and gain a general understanding. If you want to experience more, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans: “Starter,” “Essential,” and “Premium.” The plans give access to 500, 1500, and 10,000 reviews per month, respectively. In the “Starter” plan ($9.90/month) you can use CSV file importer, photo reviews, review popups,  discount coupons, Google Rich Snippet, and 3rd-party integrations. With “Essential” ($19.90/month), additionally use social media review requests, Q&As, and in-cart reviews. You can further upgrade to the “Premium” plan to experience video reviews, Google Shopping integration, migration support, and customer success manager. 

4. Judge.me

Judge.me's landing page as one of the best review apps on Shopify

Fourth place as one of the best review apps for Shopify goes to Judge.me. It is a user-friendly and time-saving app available in 38 languages. You can customize it to your specific needs and make your reviews accessible to everyone. The app allows you to collect reviews through automatic emails requesting different kinds of reviews: comments, photos and video reviews. After successful order fulfillment and delivery, the emails will be automatically sent to your customers. Likewise, Judge.me lets you import reviews from other apps if the number of your reviews is good enough to become social proof. 

You can display reviews on your store using the flexible widgets in the app. You can tailor them to your web style, easily customizing the text, colors, and themes. Also, add review stars on Google to stand out among the search results on Google.

Key features

  • Unlimited Email Requests: experience the power of Judge.me without any limits, even with the free plan. Send countless automated requests to gather genuine reviews. 
  • Review Display: Choose out of the many options for displaying your reviews: start ratings, review carousels, highly customizable widgets, and more. 
  • Social Sharing: Alongside your website, easily share your reviews on different social media platforms, such as FB, Instagram, and Twitter. Import them into Google Rich Snippet and Google Shopping to enhance your SEO results.
  • Review Incentives: encourage your customers to leave comments by engaging them with coupons, discounts, Q&As, and other email marketing integrations. 


Judge.me has a forever-free plan that is very generous, offering unlimited email review requests, photo and video reviews, review carousels, SEO snippets, and manual social push. The “Awesome” paid plan ($15/month) gives additional access to Q&A, custom forms, coupons, product groups, Google Shopping, and more. 

5. Yotpo

The landing page of the Yotpo review app

The last one on the list l as one of the best review apps is Yotpo. It helps e-commerce businesses of all sizes easily gather product reviews through AI-powered widgets. With its rich base of 3rd-party integrations, Yotpo allows its users to display their reviews on different social media platforms and search engines. Not only send Email and SMS requests but also generate smart review prompts that actually promote your sales.-ai

Key features

  • Collecting Customer Reviews: with Yotpo’s data-driven tools, make sure all your purchases can turn into reviews (Email, SMS, Photo and video requests).
  • Showcasing Reviews: By being able to display your reviews on different pages, such as checkout pages, review highlights, and search results, you are guaranteed to have a sales boost. 
  • Increased traffic: Integrations with Google Shopping Ads. Google Seller ratings, and Rich snippets ensure even better exposure in search results. 
  • Integrations: Connect your Yotpo accounts to other marketing and referral tools and increase your customer retention, encouraging them to leave their valuable reviews.


Yotpo has a free plan for you to experience the power of its key features. Within the free plan, you can get up to 50 monthly orders and automatic email review requests, email templates, on-site review display options, and chat support. You can upgrade to the “Growth” or the “Prime” plan if you want to go beyond these limits. “Growth” ($15/month) includes everything in the free plan, plus Google Rich Snippets and Google Shopping Ads integrations, photo and video reviews, and review display on your FB shop. “Premium” gives additional access to Shopper insights, shoppable media galleries, review display on GSR, and product and shopper attributes. 

Wrapping Up

As we finalize our exploration of the best review apps, it becomes obvious that displaying reviews on our websites comes with several advantages. No more manual adding: these apps come in handy with specific tools that make adding website reviews a breeze. They also offer several appealing ways you can choose to display your reviews. Although these apps serve the same purpose, they have some peculiarities you need to consider before choosing the best match for your website.

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