5 Best Shopify Review Apps

While running an online store, having happy customers is super important. When people buy things on the internet, they often want to know what others think about those things. That’s where reviews come in! If you have a Shopify Store and want to make your customers feel confident about buying from you, you are in the right place! We are about to introduce to you something cool: the “ 5 Best Shopify Review Apps”.

These apps are like little helpers for your online store. They assist you in gathering consumer feedback, showcasing what they have to say, and establishing trust with potential customers. So, stick around, and we will show you these five best amazing apps that can make your Shopify store even better. Let’s get started on this exciting journey to boost your online business.

1. ReviewXpo Product Reviews App

If you want the ultimate solution to your customer review management, let us introduce you to the best Shopify Review app: ReviewXpo.

It offers all the features other review apps offer and a few more important ones. With ReviewXpo, you get a complete journey of collecting customer reviews, email followup, offering custom discounts, and showcasing them with beautiful widgets.

What’s epic about this app is that you get an AI assistant that interacts with your customers in real time, making them loyal! Isn’t that a deal maker? Talk about better branding, more sales, conversion optimization, upsells, tracking growth, and more, one app to rule them all!

ReviewXpo works with any Shopify theme and has the best dashboard user interface that you’ll enjoy using. 

Key Features of ReviewXpo

  1. Automated Review Requests: ReviewXpo sends automated customer review requests after each purchase/shipment at your set time. 
  2. Automated Email Followup: ReviewXpo will send follow-up emails to gather the review if the customer doesn’t leave a reply. 
  3. Offer Personalized Discounts: You can encourage customers to leave photos and video reviews by offering personalized discount codes.
  4. Review import and export: Does your product have customer reviews on other platforms? Import them all to ReviewXpo with a few clicks! 
  5. Stunning Widget Showcase: Once collected/imported, showcase all your reviews with eye-catching widgets branded to your store theme. 
  6. Review Groups: You can group similar products (i.e., color and size variations) into one group and share all their reviews in each product page for more social proof. 
  7. AI-powered review replies: Showcasing reviews isn’t enough. ReviewXpo’s AI assistant interacts with your customers, so your customer feels heard and appreciated.
  8. Analytics dashboard: Track your store’s growth using ReviewXpo’s analytics, right inside your store dashboard, and take data driven marketing decisions.

Pricing Plans

With all the extra features and benefits, ReviewXpo has a free plan and doesn’t charge more than other similar apps! They have 3 pricing plans:

Free: You get access to all the rating widgets with customization, all reviews pages, and review importer. You can send 50 review request emails per month, but won’t have store branding.

Growth Plan: $15/month (36% off yearly): You get all the free features, 500 review request emails per month, and can offer discounts with photos. You can moderate reviews and can reply to reviews with custom CSS for widgets. 

Power Plan: $115/month (17% off yearly): With all growth plans, you’ll get 10,000 review request emails per month, video reviews, AI-generated auto replies, and custom CSS for widgets. Plus, you’ll get a success manager to assist you.


CREMA REVIEW is a data-driven Shopify app that comes in handy for online store owners. It helps them gather and manage product reviews and user-generated content. This way, the app allows online retailers to create an online community and saves up to 70% of their time with its automated management system.

Crema Review

Key features of CREMA REVIEW:

  1. Powerful Pop-up Review Collection: when a customer visits your online store, CREMA will show a pop-up window asking them to leave a review or share their thoughts on a product, service, or shopping experience. This feature makes it easy to gather valuable feedback from your customers at perfect timing with one-click submission. Customers also can write a review directly in the pop-up without being redirected to other pages. 
  2. Beautiful Dynamic Widgets: The CREMA app provides 10+ eye-catching and dynamic widgets that you can embed into your website. These widgets will engagingly display the reviews and UGCs. They will become a beautiful attribute to your website and will motivate users to check your reviews. Some of the widgets are Media Grid, Visual UGC Grid, Reviews Carousel, etc.  
  3. Group Review by-product: The app allows to organize and group reviews by specific products. Group reviews enable the sharing of reviews between related products. For example, when a store offers products A and B and introduces a set containing both, this feature allows them to display reviews from A and B on the set product’s page.For better management, you can group the reviews of similar products (e.g. which only differ by color). 
  4. Custom Questions: With CREMA, you have the flexibility to tailor review questions to your needs. This feature allows you to collect specific insights, such as height, weight, skin types, and more, from your customers. It currently offers three question types: text boxes, numbers, and radio buttons, each serving different purposes. 


No wonder but the CREMA REVIEW app on Shopify is 100% free of charge at this point. So, hurry up to use these useful features for free! The app plans to release paid plans with more features to enhance your experience of managing UGCs. 

3. Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Introducing Stamped Product Review, the app that can supercharge your online business. With Stamped you can make more money by getting fantastic product reviews, including ones with photos and videos, as well as Instagram Shoppable Gallery, and even Community Q&A. You may completely customize it to make it reflect your brand. Plus, you can keep things tidy by checking and commenting on reviews. Get ready to boost your revenue with Stamped!

Stamped Product Reviews and UGC

Key Features of Stamped 

  1. Collect & Import: Stamped Reviews allow you to actively gather and bring in various types of customer feedback and content. This includes product reviews, Net Promoter Score (NPS) data, questions and answers (Q&A), Google Reviews, and content from your Instagram account that is tagged as “shoppable.
  2.  Google Shopping & Search Rich Snippets: Users of this app can look for products and compare costs across different internet merchants. When people search for products on Google Shopping, having your products appear prominently can lead to increased visibility and potentially more sales.  For product-related searches, rich snippets can include details like product ratings, prices, availability, and reviews.
  3. Site widgets, banners, templates, and emails: To improve review conversions, the app offers site widgets, advertising, layouts, and emails.
  4. Google Integrations: The app offers Google Integrations to improve seller and product rankings on Google.

Pricing Plans

The App provides you with a 7-day free trial. Here are the pricing plans:

  1. Lite: Free: The plan usually offers 50 orders/month, Reviews and rating widgets, Social Sharing Rich Snippets, Commenting, and 10+ Display Widgets.
  2. Basic: 23$ month: 200 monthly purchases, a 7-day free trial, photo and checkout reviews, customer attributes (fit, age, waist), and inline SEO.
  3. Premium: 59$ month: 500 monthly orders, a 7-day free trial, intelligent product upselling, Facebook reviews, app + messenger integration, and intelligent banners. 
  4. Business: 149$ per month: 1,500 purchases per month, free $99 in SMS credits, video reviews, Q&As, sentiment analysis using artificial intelligence, and Google Shopping reviews.

4. Tagembed Shopify Review Plugin

     Tagembed holds a good spot in the list of efficient and dynamic Shopify review plugins. Firstly, the plugin has a codeless nature, this means that even as a non-tech-savvy business owner anyone can handle the plugin.

Tagembed Shopify Review

Key Features of Tagembed 

  1. Collecting Reviews: Tagembed Shopify review plugin helps users aggregate reviews from major platforms like Google Reviews, Yelp, and other 15+ Sources.
  2. Customizable features: Furthermore, one of the reasons why users on Shopify have given it 4.4 stars is its highly customizable features. Tagembed has multiple themes and layouts that help the users create a customizable Shopify Review widget. This also includes changing the font size of content, background, and card style, using predefined settings. 
  3. Custom CSS: What more a user can expect from the Tagembed Shopify review plugin is the custom CSS feature to level up the customization game. Apart from that, it also includes a moderation panel that ensures advanced content filtering to showcase chosen content.
  4. Responsive Design: The responsive design of Tagembed makes it easy for the user to ensure that the widget remains flowy and adjusts to the dimensions of the website.
  5. Custom CTA: Talking about the other feature of the Tagembed Shopify review plugin is the custom CTA. Using the custom CTA button, users can turn their review widget on the Shopify store into an actionable feed. The real-time update feature by Tagembed makes sure that all the reviews from the platform appear immediately on the widget.

Pricing Plans 

Tagembed provides a 14-day free trial to the new users, without involving any credit card details. All you need to do is sign up using a legitimate email address. As a new user, one can easily try out all their features and ensure that the Tagembed Shopify review plugin is a great fit for them. The paid plans by Tagembed are called Basic, Pro, and plus. and their subscription rates are $11 per month, $24, and $49 per month respectively.

5. Trustoo.io

Introducing Trustoo.io, a flexible tool that can be tailored to match your brand perfectly. It’s not just any tool; it’s all about getting great reviews and showing off how awesome your brand is. Trustoo.io helps you look trustworthy and grow your brand, making it a solid choice for your business.

Trustoo Review App

The Key features of Trustoo.io

  1. Import Reviews: Trustoo.io allows you to easily import reviews from various sources, including AliExpress, Amazon, and other platforms, ensuring that you have a comprehensive collection of product feedback.
  2. Automated Customer Reviews: Customers’ product reviews, replete with images, are simple to gather. 
  3. Beautiful Review Widgets: The app offers visually appealing widgets to showcase your reviews. These widgets not only build trust with your website visitors but also make it simple for them to make well-informed purchase decisions.
  4. Referral Rewards: Trustoo.io helps you reach new customers by incentivizing your existing ones to refer their friends. This referral program can expand your customer base and boost sales.
  5. Organic Search: You may increase the exposure of your website in organic search results using Trustoo.io, making it simpler for potential customers to find your merchandise and testimonials.
  6. Multi-lingual Support: Trustoo.io is equipped with multi-lingual support, allowing you to reach and engage with customers from different regions and language preferences.
  7. 24/7 Support: The app provides around-the-clock customer support, ensuring that you receive assistance whenever you need it, enhancing your user experience and confidence in the product.

Pricing Plans

Here are the 3 pricing plans for the app

  1. Free: 50 orders review request, Unlimited reviews, Discount code, Instagram feed, Customer support. 
  2. Basic: 9.99$ month: Unlimited orders, Reply reviews, Amazon review importer, Advanced import, Auto update reviews. 
  3. Growth: 19.9$ month: Video reviews, Auto multi-language, Product grouping, Remove Trustoo.io branding, 7/24 Customer support

To Wrap Up…

When it comes to improving your Shopify store and making customers trust your products, these 5 best Shopify review apps can help. They let you collect reviews from different places, show off product pictures and ratings in a cool way, and even reward your customers for bringing in more friends. Plus, they work in different languages, so you can reach more people. And don’t forget, you can get help whenever you need it, 24/7. So, go ahead and try these apps to boost your store’s reputation and make your customers even happier!

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