Best Project Management Tools in 2024

Behind every successful business and team there is well-done project management. Good project management helps employers and employees avoid any confusion in the workplace, do a proper work division and task distribution, and keep track of the resources and progress. While it is easy to handle simple projects without any need of tools, complex ones require proper planning, set deadlines, and segregation. As project management is of high importance for boosting the efficiency of businesses, that is where modern project management software comes in.  

With so much project management tools available, it can be a daunting task for managers to choose the right platforms for their needs. In this article we have collected the best SaaS tools for you to increase your teams’ performance more easily and systematically.


The website of - a project management tool is one of the best project management tools that is designed to help you organize your work in a new and more efficient way. With the help of this software you can take your business and working environment to the next level by making data-driven decisions, working more efficiently as a team and tracking the work progress. As of now, offers three main tools with various features. It helps businesses in work management, sales and customer experience, and another tool for development and product teams. 

Key Features of

  1. Project and task management: a single space for teams to collaborate on tasks and projects and improve efficiency. It comes with 5 ways to organize the tasks – main table (Done, Working on it, Stuck), Gantt chart, Kanban, calendar, and dashboard.
  2. Monday sales CRM: This customer relationship management (CRM) product is a flexible tool designed to help sales teams manage their leads and deals. With Monday Sales CRM, teams can track their sales activities and analyze their sales performance  through visual dashboards and reports. With this tool, teams can integrate email to automate messages, save the sent messages, track interactions and use email and sales outreach templates.
  3. Monday marketer: this tool helps marketing teams manage their campaigns, projects, and tasks in a visual and collaborative way. With this tool, marketers can monitor their current initiatives, automate campaign planning, use forms, annotations and other means to get all the information for successful campaigns.

Monday Dev: this tool is a powerful solution for developer and IT teams that will take their collaboration to another level. With this tool, developers can create roadmaps, manage component backlog and scrum, set release plans and stick to them, and manage bug tracking.

Pricing has pretty flexible pricing plans: for each of its tools the pricing differs, meaning that you can buy only those tools that apply to your needs. As project management is of high importance for boosting the efficiency of businesses, that is where modern project management software comes in.  

2. ClickUp

The website of one of the best project management tools - ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management tool that offers a range of features to help teams manage their tasks, projects, and workflows. The tool offers a wide range of features such as visual project boards, team collaboration tools, task management, workflow automation, dashboards, integration capabilities, standing out among other project management tools.

Key Features of ClickUp

  1. Gantt charts: with this chart, teams can easily schedule multiple projects, organize and prioritize every task, track progress, and manage the task dependencies.
  2. Dashboard: with ClickUp, one can easily use a dashboard for client portals, employee performance, resource management, time tracking, and  business management. This way teams can visually follow the projects.
  3. Automation:  teams can automate up to 50 actions with ClickUp. It enables to assign tasks, post comments, and move task statuses automatically. It also can automate your favorite tools (Slack, Airtable) and bring everything into a single and easy-manageable place.
  4. Email: teams can easily automate emails based on custom fields and form submissions. What is more, businesses can link emails to tasks directly within ClickUp. This way, they can boost email interaction, as the needs of customers and/or business inquiries will be met quickly and easily. 

Sprints:  using ClickUp’s all-in-one sprint feature teams can save time, foster their collaboration, and achieve their goals easily. They can build and automate sprints: assign tasks, set deadlines and priorities. Also, it is possible to visualize sprints to monitor the teams’ pace, workloads, and burnups and burndowns.


ClickUp has a forever free plan with rich tools. It also has Unlimited, Business, and Business Plus plans for small, mid-sized, and large teams. The pricing starts from $9 per month and can get up to $29. Note that if you are planning to use it for a long run, you might buy a yearly package and save a lot.

3. Trello

The front page of Trello - a project management tool

This is a game-changing project management tool that brings everything into one place enabling you to have a better control over the tasks, track the time and resource management, and manage accomplish the team goals more efficiently. Trello is designed for all kinds of teams: marketing teams, design teams, remote workers, engineering teams, and startups. Given this, managing your tasks and projects no matter your teams’ functions is a breeze.

Key Features of Trello 

  1. New Views: with Trello’s this feature teams have the ability to look at their performance from different and fresher perspectives. This feature encompasses boards, timelines, tables, mind maps, and dashboards which help teams to break down each task and get things done faster.
  2. Automation: this no-code automation is built into every board giving teams the ability to automate many of their time-consuming tasks. For this, you will simply need to set some rules and commands and the rest is on Trello. 
  3. Templates: a vast number of templates for various purposes, such as business, marketing, product development, project management, design, and education. 

Integrations: Trello can be everywhere. If your team already has its favorite app for communication, Trello can be easily integrated with it and make the communication more seamless.


Trello has a forever free plan and three other pricing plans – standard, premium, and enterprise. Prices start with $5 per month and can get up to $17.50.

4. Freelo

The website of one of the best project management tools - Freelo

Freelo is an impressive project management tool that can help you transform the way you work. With freelancers and teams in mind, it will allow you to take full control of your projects. The Kanban board and Mind Map features make it easy to organize tasks and delegate to colleagues using audio messages or videos. The Gantt Chart will keep on top of deadlines, while the dashboard and Business Panel will give you a clear overview of your team’s progress. But what really sets Freelo apart is its time tracking, budget management, and invoicing features. With these tools, you can gain a complete understanding of your work.

Key Features of Freelo

  1. Project and To-Do Lists – this is not an ordinary to-do list feature: Freelo enables to introduce a budget list, set the users’ access to the tasks, create a task from email, and also set a default follower and task solver in the to-do list.
  2. Smart Notifications –  this Freelo feature enables advanced settings for notifications, such as the mode “Do Not Disturb.” Also advanced filtering in all notifications.
  3. File Storage – this feature helps be more organized by enabling to create and color folders and integrate other services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. 
  4. Business panel – with the help of this feature you can have better control of your business as it brings statistics, reports, and advanced user management.
  5. Kanban board – this board comes with three assignment modes – Inbox, In-progress, Done, and the tasks can be easily switched between them. This way, you can have a visually better understanding of how the team is doing.
  6. Mind Maps – to make the task distribution or the business resolutions more clear, you can take advantage of this feature that Freelo offers. 

7. Timeline and Gantt Charts – with this Freelo feature you can increase the chances of successful project completion by visualizing the duties and the deadlines.


Freelo gives you a 14-day trial period to fully explore all the features before choosing the right plan for you. What is more, their plans are flat-priced, meaning you do not have to pay for each new user you invite into your workspace.

5. Wrike

The webpage of Wrike - a project management tool

Another life-changing software among the best project management tools is Wrike. It has all the tools and features to ensure a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable project management without any hassle. Alongside assisting teams in achieving better results faster, Wrike helps teams to allocate their resources better by offering time and budget tracking tools.

Key Features of Wrike

  1. Project planning: Wrike provides teams with every necessary information for their successful strategic planning. It has customizable calendars and dashboards, Gantt charts and Kanban boards, and detailed analysis by Wrike Analyze. 
  2. Customer and resource management: Wrike helps managers distribute tasks more efficiently and keep track of the whole process with the visual. Also, it allows managers to keep track of time and budget, share custom reports with clients, and store client information securely. 
  3. Gantt Charts: These are one of the most used chart types for project management. These charts can represent huge projects and help managers break them down into feasible tasks and then distribute them. It makes everything visually clearer for managers to see what part of the project is done and what is left. 

4. Ready-to-go templates: With a library of templates of Wrike, you can set better objectives and make your planning process easier.


Wrike has 4 pricing plans: Team, Business, Enterprise, and Pinnacle. The plans start with $9.80 per month and can go up depending on your team size and projects. Wrike has product consultants, and by contacting them you can ensure to choose the right to meet your all needs.

Wrapping Up

Project management tools have become essential for businesses and teams to stay organized, productive and efficient in this digital age. The tools we have covered in this article offer a range of features to help you and your teams manage your tasks, projects, and workflows, keep track of progress you make, and make well-informed decisions. For the most part these project management tools are simple to use and will not require training.
Whether you are a small team or a large corporation, these tools can help you streamline your work processes, collaborate more efficiently, and achieve higher goals. 

Although there are many project management tools available, we have tried to find the best ones that come with all-in-one solutions. Based on the key features and pricing policies that we have presented to you, we hope that you can find the best match to your teams’ needs. 

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