Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps | Guide for 2024

In the fast-changing e-commerce platform, losing even a single sale means a significant loss to any company. A common challenge faced by online retailers is cart abandonment where potential customers put items in their carts but leave without making a purchase. Luckily, Shopify merchants have an opportunity to leverage a wide variety of abandoned cart apps that help them recover these sales and improve conversion rates in general. In this article, we will examine some of the best Shopify abandoned cart apps on the market outlining their main features and benefits. This is to give Shopify store owners insights to make decisions on how they can optimize their sales strategies.

1. Omnisend

Omnisend Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps

Omnisend is one of the greatest Shopify abandoned cart apps. This tool is what every e-commerce store would need to increase sales and engagement with ease as it primarily focuses on the recovery of abandoned carts. Besides, features of Omnisend’s email marketing go beyond abandoned cart recovery. It provides email marketing tools that are a suite comprising A/B testing, analytics, AI generation, and APIs among others tailored to optimize your campaigns and deliver better results.

Key Features

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: It helps you catch those almost lost potential sales by creating abandoned cart emails in just one click.
  • Exit-Intent Popups and Spin-to-Win Forms: These types of forms can help you grow your email list by capturing leads innovatively.
  • Ready-Made Templates: You do not need to have advanced coding skills to use ready-made templates for several kinds of email marketing strategies including summer sales and other events, too.
  • Personalization and Automation: More than 20 automation systems have been made available for personalizing customer interactions while generating more sales at the most appropriate time.
  • Comprehensive Support: Using even the free plan, all users will receive assistance from a 24/7 live chat support team via e-mail.


The Omnisend app offers 2 versions to use on Shopify – free and pro. However, the free version provides a limited number of features. So, if you want to access more advanced features, then you should activate one of the plugin’s paid plans at this pricing:

  • Standard – $16 per month
  • Pro – $59 per month

2. The Convert Way

The Convert Way App

The Convert Way by Shipway takes the second spot as one of the best abandoned cart apps for Shopify. Recovering your abandoned carts will become a breeze with this app’s unique and personalized features. TCW sends automatic reminders via WhatsApp; if your customers do not receive them, the apps will back your app by sending SMS messages. This way, your messages get higher deliverability rates. 

Recovering your potential customers might not always be a one-time activity; you might need to follow up with them a couple of times until they decide to return. With TCW, you can send up to 3 SMS or WhatsApp messages at your chosen intervals. For higher conversion rates and better results, TCW personalizes the abandoned cart recovery messages, which usually end up bringing back more customers. What if your customers are persistent and unwilling to finalize their purchases? Well, that’s where the last feature of TCW comes in handy. For specific cases, you can opt to send coupon codes and discounts with your messages, encouraging your customers to close the deal as soon as possible and creating a sense of urgency. 

Key Features

  • Automated abandoned cart reminders via SMS & WhatsApp
  • Proactive follow-ups on SMS or WhatsApp follow-ups at different intervals
  • Personalized abandoned cart messages for a higher conversion rate
  • Coupon codes and discounts
  • Send product images on WhatsApp abandoned cart notifications. 


The Convert Way has a forever-free plan that can give you important insights into the tool before upgrading to one of the paid plans. The free plan includes all the essential tools for small businesses seeking to increase customer retention rates. Alongside abandoned cart recovery features, it comes with SMS notifications, a WhatsApp widget, up to two automation flows, segmentation, analytics, and subscriber opt-in, and supports up to 100 subscribers.

While the free version is very generous, the Premium ($29/month) plan goes further by offering WhatsApp notifications, up to five automation flows, a WhatsApp green badge for credibility, an SMS sender ID, and up to 3000 subscribers. The Growth ($49/month) plan includes everything in the previous plan, plus WhatsApp templates, nine automation flows, and 20000 subscribers. The last Enterprise plan goes beyond all the limits. You need to contact TCW and customize this plan to your business preferences. Finally, note that the Premium plan comes with a 14-day free trial if you want to experience the power of pro features that TCW offers.

3. RecoverMyCart

RecoverMyCart Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps

RecoverMyCart is a Shopify app that helps businesses recover abandoned carts and improve their sales. The application offers a holistic approach to handling the problem of abandoned cart recovery. For instance, RecoverMyCart is perfect for small shop owners who are looking for a budget-friendly solution and have multiple ways of recovering abandoned carts like email, exit-intent popups, and Facebook messenger notifications. 

Key Features

  • Multiple Recovery Channels: Engage your customers through email, pop-ups, and reminders via Messenger across different platforms.
  • Template Library: You can find professionally designed templates for each communication channel making it easy to create enticing recovery messages.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Make modifications easily by using the basic drag-and-drop editor. This is to adjust campaigns quickly.
  • Campaign Scheduling: Plan and schedule emails about cart recovery in order to reach clients at their most responsive periods.
  • Persistent Cart: Create the feature of a persistent cart that follows users from device to device making the shopping experience smoother and more effective.


The RecoverMyCart app offers a 14-day free trial period to get familiar with the tool’s main features. After this period, you need to subscribe to one of the paid plans to continue using the app:

  • Standard – $19 per month
  • Pro – $29 per month

4. Avada

Avada Shopify App

AVADA Email Marketing is also a part of our list of the best Shopify abandoned cart apps. It has been designed for thriving online stores and has a complete growth-centric feature set with a primary focus on recovering abandoned carts.

AVADA allows you to seamlessly integrate its cart recovery capabilities into a strong marketing system that includes emails as well as SMS campaigns. Whether your goal is reducing the rates of cart abandonment, boosting sales, or encouraging customer engagement, AVADA’s customized and feature-rich platform matches your needs and delivers satisfying results.

Key Features

  • Emails, exit-intent popups, SMS: By utilizing multiple channels to contact potential customers who drop their carts at checkout, AVADA increases the possibility of bringing back these buyers.
  • Real-time shopping cart activity dashboard: Use live data about customer’s behavior while they are shopping on your website. This feature enables you to optimize abandoned cart recovery strategies.
  • Abandoned cart and checkout emails: Create personalized and persuasive email campaigns targeted specifically at abandoned carts or checkouts left unfinished to attract customers back into making purchases on your online store.


With basic automation features and 500 contacts available, users can use AVADA’s free plan. However, for more advanced capabilities, you need to activate one of the plugin’s pro plans:

  • Pro – $16 per month
  • Advanced – $47 per month

5. Pushdaddy WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart

Pushdaddy Shopify App

The Pushdaddy WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart app is what you need to get back your Shopify store’s lost sales and communicate with your clients smoothly. For abandoned cart recovery, this app outshines other apps because it offers a wide range of customization options and has a user-friendly interface.

The app is an ideal choice for businesses that wish to increase their cart recovery rate as well as boost engagement with customers. Regardless of whether you focus on marketing or offer excellent service, this app incorporates features that can perfectly suit all these requirements.

Key Features

  • Recover lost sales simply via WhatsApp, email, and SMS platforms.
  • Take charge by making manual cart recovery messages thus reaching out to potential buyers personally. 
  • Get top-quality customer support tools to boost client engagement and solve inquiries right away. Moreover, by utilizing this tool, you are able to turn abandoned carts into conversions, thus establishing more reliable relations with your clients. This, in turn, leads to the sales growth on your Shopify store.


One of the main points this app stands out from others is that it is completely free to install and use on Shopify.

To Wrap Things Up…

In conclusion, Shopify’s abandoned cart apps are important tools for recovering lost sales and improving overall conversion rates among vendors. With automated email reminders, customizable campaigns, and detailed analytics offered by these apps, Shopify store owners can successfully reconnect with potential customers who left their carts without buying anything from them. These applications facilitate businesses to make personalized messages or attractive offers. Also, they enable shop owners to follow up on potential customers. The strategy, accordingly, goes on with sending targeted messages through different platforms. This, in turn, ensures a significant improvement in the abandoned cart recovery process thus boosting the business sales and revenue.

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