6 Best Wix Upsell Apps in 2023

Your main objective as the owner of an online shop is to boost sales and maximize profits. Based on recent stats there are nearly 4 million online stores powered by Wix and 85% of the need upselling to succeed. Fortunately, Wix offers a variety of upsell apps that seamlessly integrate with your online store, allowing you to implement effective upselling strategies. In this article, we will explore the 6 best upsell apps for Wix that are designed to optimize your sales and enhance customer engagement. Each app has special features and advantages that can help you boost client happiness and drive conversions. Let’s dive in and see how these applications can change your online store.

1. SMS by MKP

an example of SMS by MKP Upsell App

Right communication is the key to the best upselling practices. Constantly keeping in touch with your customers through the best medium can ensure that they are always in your sight․ SMS by MKP app, built by MarketPushApps, considering the advantages of SMS marketing over email marketing, has created all the necessary tools that you can leverage and upgrade your upselling.

Key Features of SMS

Bulk SMS marketing campaigns: having immediate access to your customers is important. This feature makes sure you can get to your customers whenever you want to deliver important notices.

Up to 2 reminders of important events and bookings: to make sure you do not miss any customers or to at least mitigate the risks. SMS by MKP allows you to send up to 2 reminders to your customers which is the best number to not get on their nerves.

Important notices for your customers: this app uses the best means to boost customer-vendor communication, considering that SMS has higher read and open rates.

Sending mass announcements: SMS by MKP ensures mass campaigns with no hassle.

2-way phone number import: the app allows to import phone numbers from the existing contact base and external sources.

Alerts for business owners: notifications on important store events (i.e. new order), booking details, and SMS notifications on Restaurant orders and Event booking.


The SMS by MKP app has flexible payment options that make the app accessible to people with different goals and needs. It has 4 pricing plans with reasonable prices:

  • 1. HOBBY: 30 SMS credits/month, mass SMS campaigns, owner alerts, customer reminders, $6.99/month
  • 2.PRO: 100 SMS credits/month, mass SMS campaigns, owner alerts, customer reminders, $16.99/month
  • 3.EXPERT: 300 SMS credits/month, mass SMS campaigns, owner alerts, customer reminders, $34.99/month
  • 4.MOGUL: 1000 SMS credits/month, mass SMS campaigns, owner alerts, customer reminders, $110.99/month

2.Prompt: Email Popup & Upsell By OnVoard

An example of Email Pop Up and and Upsell. the example of Upsell App

Email Pop-up & Upsell Pop-Up is a powerful Marketing Tool that allows businesses to engage their website visitors and maximize their revenue potential. With the help of Email Pop Up and Upsell solutions, businesses can create eye-catching pop-ups. In addition, the Pop-ups will encourage them to subscribe to their email list. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, Email Pop Up and Upsell by OnVoard offers businesses a valuable tool.

Key Features of Prompt: Email Popup and Upsell

Powerful editor to fully customize Pop-ups: This powerful editor allows businesses to fully customize their pop-ups according to their branding and marketing needs.

Predefined templates: These templates serve as pre-designed layouts that businesses can choose from and customize them to suit their needs.

Utilizing pop-up ads, propose products to upsell and cross-sell. This feature allows businesses to strategically promote additional products or services to customers through popups, additionally maximizing their revenue potential.

Filter by contact properties. This feature allows businesses to target a specific group of customers based on their contact properties. Contact properties refer to the information associated with each customer in your database.

Trigger pop-up via link click. This feature allows businesses to set up pop-ups to be triggered when users click on specific links.


By leveraging Email Pop Up and Upsell Businesses can advance their marketing strategies. Email Pop Up and Upsell provide affordable prices. It has 4 pricing plans.

  • Free Plan: Up to 1000 Pop Up views per month, all elements, sync integrations, no powered by branding.
  • Basic Plan: 14.90 US$/month/ Up to 5000 Pop up views per month.
  • Essential Plan: 29.90 US$/month/ Up to 30.000 Pop Up views per month, all features from Basic Plan.
  • Pro Plan: 69.90 US$/month/ Up to 150.000 Pop Up views per month, all features from Essential Plan.

3. Omnisend

An animation of Omnisend

Omnisend lets you grow your subscriber list and send emails, SMS, and push notifications to your customers from a single platform. You also get unlimited segmentation options, as well as ready-made templates for emails and signup forms.

On top of that, pre-built workflows for upsell and cross-sell messages, post-purchase marketing, and cart abandonment let you generate revenue with automated messages.

Finally, Omnisend’s drag & drop email builder also easily integrates with your Wix store and lets you add your newest and best-selling products to your marketing emails. Their titles, descriptions, images, and prices are added automatically.

Key Features of Omnisend

●     User-friendly email & forms builders: Streamline your email marketing with intuitive drag-and-drop builders, making it simple to create engaging emails and sign-up forms that resonate with your audience.

●     Pre-built upsell and cross-sell workflows: Enhance your sales strategy with automated workflows specifically designed for upselling and cross-selling, helping you increase revenue with minimal effort.

●     Pre-made templates: Save time and maintain brand consistency with a variety of customizable templates for emails and forms, tailored to fit any marketing campaign or promotion.

●     Award-winning 24/7 live chat customer service: Experience unparalleled support any time of the day with Omnisend’s dedicated and award-winning customer service team, available 24/7 via live chat.


Free plan: Up to 250 contacts, features from premium plans and 24/7 support included.

Standard plan: Starts at $16/month with 6,000 monthly emails and up to 500 subscribers.

4.Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery By ReConvert

an example of carti abandoned cart recovery by reconvert. An example of Upsell App

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems that e-commerce has to deal with. Many potential buyers put products in their shopping carts but don’t finish the purchase resulting in losing money. To solve this issue businesses turn to innovative solutions like Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery By ReConvert. This effective solution provides a range of features intended to re-engage customers, entice them back to their abandoned carts, and persuade them to finish their purchases.

Key Features of Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery.

Order receipts, browse abandonment, automatic cart recovery. With the help of this functionality, companies may automatically send customized emails to consumers who have abandoned their shopping carts, reminding them of the things they’ve left behind and urging them to complete their purchases.

Multichannel marketing: This feature offers businesses the capability to engage with customers, Through various channels, implementing the multichannel marketing approach.

One-click activation: This feature simplifies the process for customers to take advantage of special offers, discounts, and promotions.

Multichannel blast campaigns: This feature enables businesses to send targeted and personalized messages across multiple channels simultaneously.


Along with its various and rich features, Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery By ReConvert provides affordable prices and it has 4 pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan: 2.99 US$/month/ Up to 200 emails sent per month, $0.5 free SMS credits, Unlimited email & SMS reminders, Unlimited campaigns.
  • Beginner Plan: 4.99 US$/month/ $3 free SMS credit, Unlimited email & SMS reminders, Unlimited campaigns, Up to 1,000 emails sent per month
  • Advanced Plan: 9.99 US$/month/ Up to 2,000 emails sent per month, $5 free SMS credit, Unlimited email & SMS reminders, Unlimited campaigns.
  • Expert Plan: 19.99 US$/month/ Up to 5,000 emails sent per month, $8 free SMS credit, Unlimited email & SMS reminders, Unlimited campaigns.

5.Popup Sales & Promo by POWR

an example of pop up sales and promo by powr. an example of Upsell App

One such powerful tool that has revolutionized the world of Digital Marketing is Popup Sales & Promo by POWR. It offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower businesses to create eye-catching and effective popups that drive inversions and enhance the customer experience. With the help of customization options, integrations, and powerful targeting capabilities it engages the website visitors and levels up the marketing strategies of businesses.

Key Features of Popup Sales & Promo by POWR

Reduce cart abandonment by showing a discount popup or a special offer popup to customers. This feature offers businesses the ability to implement exit-intent popups, specifically designed to reduce cart abandonment and retain potential customers.

After consumers join up, automatically send them welcome emails using a popup that you’ve created. This feature helps businesses build their email subscriber list and establish a personalized and engaging communication channel with their audience.

Start quickly and easily with lovely templates to gather emails, publish announcements, or boost sales. These templates are professionally designed and cater to different purposes, such as collecting emails, making announcements, or increasing sales.

To automatically sync new signups, collect email addresses and link them to Mailchimp. This integration enables businesses to automate the process of syncing new signups from their pop-ups. Directly to their chosen email marketing platform.


Popup Sales & Promo by POWR offers very affordable prices. Let’s take a look at their 4 pricing plans:

  • Free/Basic Plan: Beautiful pre-built templates, Add images, Copy coupon codes on click, Email collection dashboard.
  • Starter Plan: 3.99 US$/month/ All of Free +, Remove POWR logo, Add entrance animations.
  • Pro Plan: 9.49 US$/month/ As Starter +, Set display schedule, Send autoresponder emails, All platform/tools integrations.
  • Business Plan: 15.95 US$/month/ Unlimited access to all popup features, Unlimited popup controls, Unlimited integrations.

6.Cart Countdown Timer By Big Spark Apps

an example of cart countdown timer by big spark apps. An example of Upsell App.

Finally, the last incredible app that we are going to talk about is Cart Countdown Timer by Big Spark Apps. With the help of this app, you can add dynamic countdown to your customer’s carts. Additionally, It will encourage undecided customers to make a purchase quickly and efficiently. The App will speed up the process of purchasing for your customers.

Key Features of Cart Countdown Timer by Big Spark Apps

Create urgency on your cart page: This feature allows businesses to create urgency on a cart page to encourage customers to complete their purchases quickly. Then it will make a sense of urgency, the app aims to motivate customers to take immediate action and minimize cart abandonment as well.

Fully customizable: This feature allows you to have full control over the appearance and behavior of the countdown timer on your cart page.

Ability to decide timings and advanced settings: The app gives you the ability to decide timings and access advanced settings. It will allow you to fine-tune the behavior and functionality of the time according to your specific needs.


The Cart Countdown Timer by Big Spark Apps provides the following pricing plan for you. Moreover, You can take a yearly pricing plan in that case you need to pay

  • Pro Plan/ 1.50 US$/ month/ Display app on live site, 24/7 Support, Mobile and desktop responsive, Fully customizable.

The App also provides monthly pricing plan. So for that you need to pay

  • Pro Plan/ 2.00 US$/month/ Display app on live site, 24/7 Support, Mobile and desktop responsive, Fully customizable.

To Sum Up

Finally, the availability of upsell applications for Wix provides businesses with interesting chances to boost sales and optimize income.
In this article, we highlighted 6 best Upsell Apps for Wix: SMS by MKP, Prompt: Email Popup & Upsell By OnVoard, Omnisend, Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery By ReConvert, Popup Sales & Promo by POWR, and Cart Countdown Timer By Big Spark Apps.
These Apps provide various range of features. They allow businesses to level up their marketing strategy. They are unique in their own way as they have different functionalities, but their combination will help you to have better results. These applications offer robust features and functions that enable businesses to enhance their upselling operations and give clients a customized purchasing experience.

So To find out more about marketing strategies, email marketing, project management, and more check out our blog.

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